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    Democrats: Who do you want to run in 2004?

    Let me just start off by saying I'm supporting Al Gore, the man the majority of the people of the United States Elected President in 2000 - and certainly the President that California chose.

    I've met Senator John Kerry and was impressed. He served in Vietnam, in combat, and was shot in battle. There's no doubt he offered his courage to his duty for his country.

    I just am not sure if he's as strong as Gore, or as smart as Al Gore.

    Other contenders may be Dick Gephart and Tom Daschle. Both are also impressive, and possibly more 'presidential' than Kerry.

    Still I can't help but like Kerry, but he reminds me of "Johnathon Archer" when we need James T. Kirk to confront the Ferengi in office!
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    Ferengi in office?

    There are a few Democrate contenders that I like. Although, I would vote for Ventura LONG before any of the Democrats.

    I think we will see Gore in 04.

    I am unfamiliar with Kerry, but from what you describe, he sounds like the Democrats version of John McCain.

    I just don't like Ton Daschal(sp?) or Dick Gephardt. They seem to whine too much and don't like to take the blame for anything, although Al seems to be taking the same approach. Which I find VERY unfortunate.

    Here is what Al needs to do to win in 04.

    1. Stop crying over the 2000 election. This was the same strategy employed by Nixon after he was cheated out of the election by JFK. (I love JFK but something was fishy in Chicago)

    2. Distance himself from the trouble makers in the party.

    3. Show support for our troops, compassion for the victims of 9/11, and a strong resolve to do the right matter how painful it is.

    4. Do things he BELIEVES in, and not follow the "Party Line", just because he's a democrat.

    5. Be more personable, which I believe he is working on.

    6. Come up with a GREAT economic policy, as well as a strong foreign policy.

    7. Stop acting like he invented the internet.

    8. Stay away from the mud slinging. People are tired of it.

    I honestly believe that Gore could be a good president. But he really need to make some changes to win the ELECTORAL votes.

    Just my 2 cents.
    May the force be with you.

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    In regards to the mudslinging....

    you guys have it easy...............atlseast you're government party isn't warring WITH each other in office.......


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    You are correct, it is easy to forget that sometimes.

    In some countries, politics and religion are the SAME thing, or war and murder are part of the party platform.
    May the force be with you.

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    Well Tycho, I'm not a Democrat but I'm certainly more liberal than I am
    conservative . . .

    But there's NO WAY I would vote for Gore, Daschle, or Gephardt, they absolutely sicken me !

    I can't say yet who I think the Dems should run, but it has to be somebody fresh with at least a sense of integrity - which is sorely lacking in all three of those hacks IMO.

    Does it matter? I'm sure they'll run Gore anyway, then I'll be forced to "throw away" my vote on a third party.

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    What do you find so sickening about Gore? Just curious.

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    Al Gore- he just couldn't get it done. He came close, but time to move on. And Bush is more poular now than when he was running. Time for a new voice with a new message, that was what benefited President Clinton when he ran the first time.

    Gephardt and Daschle are weenies. Since they come out on a daily basis and agree with everything Bush does, and when they do complain it sounds like whining, I find them less palatable than Gore. At least he has the guts to treat Bush like the lightweight he is.

    Kerry- Don't know much about him, except that he slaughtered people in Vietnam. I think that issue would haunt him out of contention.

    Which leaves--- Senator John Edwards from North Carolina! Edwards hasn't been in Washington long enough to be a hack, and he is just as intellectually robust as Gore. However, he knows better than to talk to the American people as if they were in 5th Grade
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    Lock box.
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    Originally posted by The Overlord Returns
    What do you find so sickening about Gore? Just curious.
    he's bill clinton with no personality!!! as much as i despise clinton's politics, he'd probably be interesting to hang out with and talk to. gore on the other hand, is not only a blatant liar, and all around dud of a person, he's just about as phoney as they come.

    as for who should run as the democrat candidate in 2004?
    john mc cain.
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    I'm not too familiar with him.....what has he lied about?


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