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    Post Transformers RID

    I purchased a few of the new Transformers (vehicles only). I also opened a couple, one being "Prowl". I chose Prowl out of the 3 "advanced" vehicles because I thought he had the best chance of having 2 normal arms. I couldn't tell from looking at the outside of the package or trying to peek in at the underneath of the vehicle. One arm ended up having the upper portion of the rear end attached as a shield and I can live with that. I am actually somewhat impressed by the toy. In robot form it stands on it's own despite it's appearance. I also opened a couple of the mini-cars. They look a little silly in robot mode, but not too bad. I kind of dig how they are very similar to hotwheels in car mode.

    I have the imported red version of the corvette. I broke the tape seal and checked it out.......wasn't too impressed and put it away again. In robot mode he had a roof sticking out here, a bumper there, etc.

    Have you opened any of the new Transformers? What did you think?

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    When Optimus Prime is rightfully restored to his own body after slumming in Inferno's , I might pick up a couple...
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    Thumbs up RID thread from the old forums

    The thread from the old forums: Transformers: Robots In Disguise


    It's a viper, not a corvette. There's no corvette in this RID line. I have all 3 car brothers in SUPER colors from Japan, I thought they were awesome there, my favorite being Wildride. The US ones are almost as cool, except I'm not thrilled with the painted autobot logo when there's a molded one already on the bot. Speedbreaker (aka Side Burn in the US) has the most clutter, though not all of it is kibble, and is the most difficult to transform. None of them suck IMO, they're all worth buying.

    As for Prowl's shield on his forearm, that IS a really weird design thing, since it would have been cheaper AND easier to not put the pin in there making the sucker removable, like Speedbreaker's shield.

    The mini cars are not worth buying if you like articulation or transformation or even cool robots, they're basically $3 a piece Hot Wheels cars that can become little robots, which is cool in it's own right.
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    I have been obsessing over the G1 Corvette "Tracks" lately. Perhaps that is why I goofed on the make of Speedbreaker.

    Wildride looked ok.

    I agree with you 100% on Prowl's shield. I thought the same exact thing when I opened him. I have even considered removing the pin, as long as I could eventually return it to it's original location.

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    Thumbs up

    I had a chance to pick up the BIG Electronic Optimus Primal from a truck stop of all places. But when I went in to get them they had gone on sale for 25.00 (down from 50) and were sold first thing the morning they went down. Now I can't find him anywhere. No matter. The way I am restricted from spending money on my collection, it all has to go to Star Wars.
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    We got the new Transformers at work, and I still think 3" G.I. Joes are better.

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    I saw an ad for the new RID cartoon on Fox this fall, it looked ok, but I felt it kinda seemed a bit like Digimon which I don't enjoy in the slightest. I really miss the CGI work from Beast Wars.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

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    Beast Wars is the worst thing I have seen since Hammer Man. I liked the original cartoon though, it always came on before school, for me anyway.

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    That's really cool!
    I actually had high hopes for the return of this series, and the cartoon looks to have the same feel as the original. I like the bright cheerful atmosphere. No more dreary, depressing CG.
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