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    will the real rollo tomassi please stand up.

    on the old forums, the rollo tomassi i was familiar with worked at a movie theatre. then when we switched to the new forums, eternal padawan, who i presume is the original rollo, accused the current rollo of stealing his screen name. but now it appears that both rollo tomassi and eternal padawan work at movie theatres. man. i'm confused.

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    What? I thought we cleared this up already. Cripes....
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    Did you ever think that it was entirely possible that maybe more than one member of these forums works in a theatre? As EP has said in the past, he is a close personal friend of Rollo's so everthing works out nicely.

    Actually I always figured they were one guy with two e-mail accounts.
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    my bad big barada. since i figured out my computer was capable of visiting sites other than sir steve's, i guess i got behind on my reading.

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    Re: will the real rollo tomassi please stand up.

    Originally posted by derek
    man. i'm confused.
    Me too
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    I don't know what happened to the "Rolo Tomassi" impostor guy, but they got that straightened out right after the new forums started. Presumably, he's still lurking under an "original" name now, but he is neither Rollo nor myself. My guess is Utinni, but I could be wrong. Anyone brave enough to admit stealing Rollo's name when the new forums started?

    And yes, we both work at movie theatres. So do some other posters. Names escape me right now, but I bet if you started a "Where do you work?" thread, you'd find out.
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    I still think the Sanford and Son theory is the best explanation.
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    Rollo Tomassi is not really a theater worker. He is a long-time associate of the Zaibatsu gang.

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    Question Hmmmm........

    Does Size-18 Kenobi work in a theatre, too?
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    Originally posted by Mike Troxell
    Rollo Tomassi is not really a theater worker. He is a long-time associate of the Zaibatsu gang.
    I'm a little slow on that reference. What are you implying?

    What's up EP? yes, we both work in theatres, but not the same theatre...

    Other things EP and I have in common.....

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