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    Dooku has been in your collection for 20 years!

    Friends, I just got a receipe for a vintage Anakin vs. DORKU, 1978 style throwback figures, no mod chips or painting needed. Take your old original Alec Guiness..I mean Ben Kenobi....or get one on ebay or the lightsaber blade with Darth Vader's. There you go Count Dorku...I mean Dooku! Classic Anakin, take one RTJ Luke put that poor excuse for a light saber in his hand and put the one from the Bespin Luke in the other. TADA! Add robes for effect.
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    Re: Dooku has been in your collection for 20 years!

    Ummm, not very complex customs, there. I am sure, though you can customize both characters to good effect using figure parts, paint and maybe sculpy...


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