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    Alright, Smartypants......


    So, I show up this morning to work and this little kid runs up to me....."Hey, can you come help my mom?"

    I said, "Sure kid, is she good looking?"

    No........just kidding.....

    Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, it seems she went out shopping today like every other woman in America and bought a 27" Symphonic T.V. and an APEX DVD. My first thought was, "What crappy choices"....but hey....a single woman on a budget....who am I to judge.

    Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, she didn't have an S-video input on the T.V., so it was just the one video/2 audio lines.

    Here's the problem: the T.V. had no menu option of changing over to the DVD. On my T.V., you just switch to Video 1 (or Component) and viola.....but this piece of crap had nothing....even on the remote. So, who here is familiar with cheap-o T.V.s and can tell me what I was doing wrong?

    .....and yes....she WAS imagine how disappointed I was in my failure....

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    On the Symphonic VCR I have, you simply go down the channels past 2, so it's like "ch4 --> ch3 --> ch2 --> aux"
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    ok, so what you're saying is the T.V. might do the same? Start going down the channels on the T.V.?

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    Every child needs a father . . .

    Yep, I've seen units that channel down into Line 1, Line 2, etc.

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    Some TV's also have the video channel on Channel 00.
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    It's a scam! That SAME kid asked me for help LAST WEEK! Now I'm missing $5000 and I can't find my favorite pair of pants!
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    I can't remember, but no matter what, I think it sounds like she's going to need a tuner with channel selctors none the less!
    If she's that hot sounds like you might be out $100 bucks!!!

    Ahh heck, you can look in your local papers' classified section, there's probably one in their for $30-50 Bucks
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    Whatever you do, DO NOT tell her you came to a bunch of star wars geeks for advice...for at least 2 months...

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    Overlord is right! Keep the secret until you have her in Love with you, THEN spring it on her whenit is too late for her to do anything about it.

    And I have had TVs that channel 3 acts as the auxilliary as well.

    WAIT! What are we saying...if one of us gets it could make us look GOOD! But tell us befor you tell her!
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