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    Thumbs down Shuttle Tyderium upsettedness

    Hi Hasbro. This letter has been brewing since the inception of the project to produce a Shuttle Tyderium exclusive for FAO Schwartz.
    There are a number of problems, the sum total of which has caused me to NOT buy this, my most desired vehicle. Here they are.....

    Why FAO Schwartz? What do you owe them? Can FAO actually state that they do such a brisk business in Star Wars toys that they've earned the right to carry this prestigious item? I think not. I think the idea here was to place the exorbitantly expensive shuttle in a place where it would seem right at home. The prices I saw at FAO in Manhattan for toys (yours and everyone elses) made me blanche. Okay, I kind of get it a little bit - super deluxe item for the more "exclusive and discerning upscale Star Wars shopper". Fantastic.

    The fact that FAO doesn't have any stores OUTSIDE the US obviously never became a sticking point "Oh, them. We have that covered. They'll be able to order the shuttle online or over the phone - it'll only cost them a paycheque once the shipping's included". And that doesn't include the over the border taxes/duties that will be applied. We're supposed to spend 2 months salary on engagement rings, not plastic spacecraft. I figure 400 CDN dollars for a toy is over the top. (Yes, if you ordered one it's going to be close to that much by the time it gets up here. Wait and see.).

    The price itself. What am I getting for the money? No figures, no electronics..... no thanks.

    Collectors and fans of the movies and toys have been waiting since 1995 to be able to buy this ship. Imagine how many you'd have sold by now if they'd been at the major retailers for Christmas at the price of 99.99. Think of all the money you've missed. I guess this way you only need to produce half of them to get the same cash back - but what a shame about all the work that went into the ship.

    I really, really, really hope this one item gets the repackaging/redistribution treatment at some point, as I'd really like to get one. This was a terrible way to market this toy - and it's getting worse and worse all the time with the delays. Please learn from this and don't do that again.

    Disappointedly yours,

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    I don't have much to say about that, except I can't agree more. You pretty much summed it up for me there.
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    From everything that I have heard about the ship, is that noone else wanted to take it. The Queen's Royal Starship's massive failure at retail, made the stores want to avoid large expensive ships, even as exclusives. FAO was about the only store that was willing to take a chance with such a large expensive item.

    So it was either FAO or not make one at all. Sure, the price sucks, and it would have probably been $80-$100 at a normal retailer. But vintage shuttles on the secondary market are well over what a new one would cost from FAO. So, if you want one, may as well go with a new one. Atleast the Sandcrawler is scheduled for Wal-Mart.

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    Yep, agreed. If I felt I needed one Id be getting the new one. Sadly, I feel that the only way I can express my discontent with the marketing of this item is by refusing to buy one. Too bad it hurts me more than it hurts them as Id love to have it, and they probably don't give a rat's *** about my measly 200 bucks.

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    At least you have FAO stores on the same bloody continent.
    Humph, grumble, grumble.

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    Originally posted by Emperors_Hand_2211
    At least you have FAO stores on the same bloody continent.
    Humph, grumble, grumble.
    That doesn't make it any easier...since the nearest FAO is still 500 miles away...and with the exchange rate it is just as expensive as if it were shipped overseas. At least if it were a Wal-Mart or Toys R Us exclusive...we'd might have seen it here in Canada at a fair CANADIAN price. I'm with JJREASON from the complaint standpoint...however I can see myself spending two months salary on two or three of these babies down the road. OUCH! There goes my entire year's SW budget...and it really sucks when alot of cool stuff keeps coming out. For now...I'll be holding off until after I complete the majority of my collection...let's see here...only another 212 figures to go...and about 19 ships...I'll probably be able to get the Shuttle by the year 2010, by that time it will probably cost me $1000.00 a piece.
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    If you read this Hasbro, just read the RED print below for me.
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    I am going to ask the question that all of you will probably think I am a real idiot here, but what and where is a "FAO" store, never even heard of this store. Is it because I live in the backwards state of Kansas?
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    FAO is a rich man's toy store that charges a ridiculous amount of money for common toys. There are only a few stores throughout the US (for me the nearest one is over 800 miles away), thus this was a terrible idea for an exclusive item.

    After being a fan of Star Wars for 25 years and collecting every toy issued from 1995 on up, I couldn't help but feel betrayed when this announcement was made. It was a complete slap in the face to those of us who have been loyal to this line from the beginning. It was also the first major bone of contention that led to my decision to drop this hobby forever. 2002 will forever be known, to me, as the year that Hasbro killed Star Wars.
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    FAO's the huge store Tom Hanks visits in Big. They typically charge 1.5X - 3X general retail for most items. For instance, their exclusive Fambaa would've costed around $35 at Wal-Mart (if that), but they charged $80 for it.

    The Shuttle is not only tremendously overpriced and exclusive to a poor choice of stores, but it's limited to a downright stupid number. Everyone wants this ship, and there's something like thirty being made. So there's no time for those of us who can't spend $100 or more on a toy at the drop of a hat to save up for it.
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