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    Star Wars Figure Sale at Target

    Regular Star Wars figures will be $3.59 at Target from Dec 1-7. Of course, I havn't seen any new regular figures at Target in a long time. The only thing I've seen Target get recently has been all the Accessory packs and new Deluxe figures.

    Also, Republic Gunship will be on sale for $29.49
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    Really? Just a couple weeks ago they had a sale for $2.99. I guess they're desperate to get rid of them, .

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    Tomorrow's my birthday, my gradparents (combined) give me $50, and I have $5, and I'll get some more somehow . . . but can you say "Two Gunships"?!
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    Thats a great price for the Gunships! Just my chance to pick up a second one. And I have some pilots on the way too!
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    Wow, that is a good price for Gunships. Nothing speical for figures, but I think I will pick up another Gunship.
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    Picked up a $29.49 Gunship today, the arena was also $29.49.

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    The reduced price would really mean something if they stocked more than Mace Windus. The gunship price isn't bad though.
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    There are eight Targets in my immediate area, all within 30 minutes drive time of my house. Some of them are high-volume stores and have a tendency to get newer items sooner than the others. Those are the ones I hit on a regular basis.

    It's not Mace clogging the shelves at my Targets but 3POs and Kit Fistos.


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