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    Thumbs up figtrade: i got veers, sy, joh, droopy, holor2s, r2q5, spacetrooper, clonepilots

    figs i offer:
    moc reeyees (bend on card)
    momc r2q5
    2 momc r2 w/hoeias
    3 momc clonepilots
    o-o-p but mint:
    general veers (atat commander)
    sullustian pilot
    rancor luke (w/bone)
    droopy mccool (w/horn)
    sy snootles
    joh yowzah
    last 3 were walmart xclusives, veers came only in atat toy, luke sculpt came only w/rancor and sullust pilot's from targ-xclusive bwing (i also may be able to offer more of these pilots).
    figs i seek:
    tru silver r2 and star tours figs r3d3, r4m9, rx24 & maybe the ones we've yet to see pix of figs must be in near-perfect shape but their packages don't have to be cuz i'll open them anyway
    questions welcome, here's some of my references, reply here or via email, feel free to combine these offerings & wants w/anything from my loose accessories trade offer

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    Silver R2d2

    I'll trade you A MInt Silver R2d2 and a Ephant Mon, if you want one for:

    3 clones Pilots
    Leia Hologram R2-d2

    Thanks, let me know if that sounds good! Email me at

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    Lightbulb as indicated in my wantlist, i'm afraid i don't seek an ephant mon. . .

    . . .so here's my counteroffer: either 2 clonepilots or one r2q5 for your silver r2? either way, thanx for response-

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    Lightbulb update:

    i still offer & seek all items listed above except for silver r2 cuz last thursday our own r2dee2 gave me one (pictured here alongside custom-red-lightpiped rocketd2)


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