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    Unhappy I knew it would happen...

    I was removing Luminara's lightsaber blade today and the peg broke. Now both the hilt and the blade are useless. I knew it would happen eventually. I can't even replace the lightsaber because Luminara isn't available here. I got her in Cardiff. Think e-mailing Hasbro quality control would do any good?
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    Does that make it any easier? I think have her too.

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    I know, but I don't want a new figure, just the lightsaber.
    "There is no pain where strength lies"-Darth Maul
    "You must join me, Obi-Wan, and together we will destroy the Sith!"-Count Dooku

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    I would hot glue or supper glue the blade back on. You wouldn't be able to remove it but at least it would work.
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    I'm sorry, your first post made it sound like you would be prepared to replace the figure to get a saber replacement. I won't bother trying to help next time.

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    (Sigh) I remember when I used to be all excited about Star Wars toys...Just give her one of the extra sabers that came with Anakin or Dooku.
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    No no, I appreciate your help Jargo, it's just that I'd end up with two Luminaras. I presently have her holding the green saber that came with Dooku. I guess glue is the answer...
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    My stupid Hangar Ani's blue one broke, leading me to buy a whole new figure (one that I actually hate - not dislike but hate) in order to get a new saber. I can tell that my Nikto Jedi and Saesee Tinn sabers are hanging by a thread too..... totally infuriating. I was so happy when I got Eeth Koth "Wicked saber!". My, how feelings change when things won't even last a few months WITHOUT active play. I think they need to revert to the old lightsabers as soon as possible. It's not like they make the hilts by themselves useful - put a magnet in the belt maybe and they'd be onto something, but that would likely screw up the figures themselves. I give up. Old lightsabers must be the answer.

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    Did you find the Arena Battle Accessory Set? If so, use the green blade that came with the set on Luminara's handle, they're pretty similar and identical in thickness. Or, if not, use an old non-removable-blade saber. My Nikto's blade broke so I just gave him an old Obi-Wan saber and it looks fine.
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    okay, we're okay again then. Personally, i can't see why they couldn't do the old Episode one trick and give you a figure with both a full saber and a saber hilt.One to fight with and one to clip to the belt or just stand easy with. We're talking tiny bits of plastic here so it wouldn't be expensive to do like say, a quickfire gimmick.... that doesn't even work.... and breaks within one hour of play...... Just a tiny extra saber hilt and a whole saber with blade extended. Peanuts to make but twice the fun of a gimmick.


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