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    Post Your Holiday Wish List

    Now that it is December 1st and the holidays are upon us, most of us have ideas of the things that we want our loved ones (or Santa ) to bring for us. I made up my wishlist a couple of weeks ago, (you can never have an early enough start) and here are things that I requested:

    *Hasbro Republic Gunship

    *DVD Forrest Gump

    (don't laugh)

    *CD Dusty Springfield's Greatest Hits

    *CD Johnny Rivers' Greatest Hits

    *a nice dress shirt

    *a sweater

    *a nice khaki pair of Docker's pants (slacks or dungarees as my parents say).

    *Book-The Lyndon B. Johnson White House Tapes, 1964-1965 by Michael Beschloss.

    That was all I asked for. I'll probably get more than I request, which usually happens, and is fine by me. I would ask for more Star Wars stuff like certain figures, but I don't want to put my family through the torture of checking TRU or Wal-Mart daily, just to find the things that I want.

    I'd also ask for world peace and and end to poverty, hunger, and racism but Santa never delivered those for all the years that I asked. Oh, how I would trade in my Dockers pants just to have those come true.

    Now my question to all of you, what are you asking for this Holiday season?
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    Check this out!:
    The week before thanksgiving, I swore to all my friends that I should play the lottery, because on Monday night(at a bar) I won a television. Then on Friday when I went to pick it up, I saw some friends at this bar so I stayed! I ended up winning a chance to go into a money/wind machine and grab as much money as I could in 40seconds! That actually ended up sucking the big one, however earlier in the day...get this...I still don't believe it:

    In my job, I do b2b door to door sales! One of my customers is the owner of a local TV station here in the central NY area! (he buys promo items from me! So he says to me,"you'll never guess who's comming here?". So I say, "who?". "Guess", he tells me! "I have no Idea", I tell him and throw out a couple names at him after he tells me that's it's someone huge, on a national level! Finally, he says, "It's Brittney!". "Brittney Spears!", I say. "Brittney Spears!", he says. "Brittney Spears is comming here", I ask sarcastically due to the fact that were are in the middle of nowhere and it's a small tv station!
    Now, I could give two rats arses about Miss Spears or hear music, but the guy tells me to just show up on Dec 11th, and we'll have a private meet and greet session with her and about 10 other people! Now, like I said I could give two shytes about her, but come on!!, it is Brittney Spears. She is pretty damn hot, and she just broke up with that Timberlake dork!

    So all that I ask for Christmas is that it really turns out to be her, I get the chance to talk with her, and then hopefully afterwards she takes me back to her hotel room and has her way with me!!!!

    Believe you me, I asked this guy all the same questions that your probably formulating in your own heads, 'cause I don't even think she is playing anywhere around here, so it makes no sense for her to be here. So it probably is just a gag or something like a look a like contest, but I'll just have to wait and see If Christmas comes early! heheheheee!!!!
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    Xir, interesting to see whether this is true or not. Keep us updated.

    On another note, it looks like we have a lot of procrastinators on the forums, judging by the lack of responses. Hurry up though, it is only about 2 and a half weeks before the big day!
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    I met Harrison Ford once. Was kind of by suprise. I was working at a hotel in the Midwest and was jackin around with the manager behind the front desk (I was working valet so I shouldn't have been inside). Anyways, this man comes up wearing a baseball cap with long hair down to his chin and glasses on. He says excuse me, I'd like to check in. The manager says certainly and your last name. He says Ford. Meanwhile, I'm listening to this voice thinking it sounds very familiar. Then I look at the computer screen and it says Ford, Harrison. Then I look up at the chin and there is that scar. Meanwhile my mind just isn't grasping it. Wow, he even has the same scar and checks in under the same name. Then it hits me and I can't stop smiling. I talked to him once more. Very polite and shy man. Doesn't like the fame that two of the greatest characters in all of film history has given him. Just my brush with fame.......

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    I want some of those Stain Defender pants. What I want for Christmas.............that's a hard one seeing how I make Christmas any day of the year with my buying habits. I want this 20th Anniversary box set put out by Metal Blade records if anyone is interested, though. It has Lloyd Grant on it, Lloyd Freakin' Grant!
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    I asked for a GameCube, and was told I probably won't get it as times are tight.

    So then I asked for the following DVD's

    Band of Brothers
    Transformers Season 2 Part 1
    24 Season 1
    Back to the Future Trilogy

    I would have asked for smaller DVDs like Austin Powers and Minority Report, but that virtually guarantees I'll get the $15 DVD and not the $90 one. So I only asked for the sets.

    And then I broke down and bought Transformers already, so if I get that one, I'll just exchange it for one I didn't get.

    I hope I don't get any clothes this year. Every year I get a damn sweater from my girlfriends parents. So I have like eight sweaters that I have to wear once every year and then they just take up space in my closet (sweaters are damn bulky folded up.) I dropped a subtle hint to her that I really don't need any more sweaters this year (When I was looking through my closet I said "Whoa! I guess I'm stocked up on sweaters this year!") Whether she got the hint, and whether she tells her parents, and whether they follow her advice...only time will tell.

    HEY 'XIR! If it IS Britney, cop a feel, dude. It will be your only chance. Ever. Get a piece of hiney or cup a melon. Whatever, don't let an opportunity like this go to waste.
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    I want..... I want to know who my real daddy is..............

    Okay got ya! :happy: I asked people to get me gold. and diamonds. Uranium and platinum. Frankincense and myrrh.....

    Then they laughed in my face so I asked for a DVD player and a few DVD's, (mostly world cinema stuff, arthouse stuff no-one's ever heard of. I like the avant garde cinema best). Also asked for that cruddy Attack of the clones on DVD but I doubt anyone will get me that.
    I asked for longjohns and thermal socks, I asked for the Lemonjelly dark horizons CD and the Aqualung eponymous CD. I asked for Dremel bits and pieces and jewellers tools. I asked for other stuff too but that's too embarrassing to publish here.


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