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    What a joyous shopping day I had Friday !!!!!!!
    6 (count them 6!!!) Ephant Mon. Two had damaged packaging, but for 3 bucks, what a great excuse to open them up. Also picked up 4 Gunship Clone Troopers. Also picked up the balance of the hack action figures that I would not spend $5.00 or above on IE Anakin, Padme, R2D2 and C3PO variations.

    Happy Holidays to all !!!

    P.S. FAO in NYC had a killer rack of Playskool SW toys. Picked up X-Wing and Naboo Fighter sets for my 2 year old. Great way to keep the kid off dad's stash.

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    With the $2.99 sales the different stores have had in the last month or so, I've filled in holes in my collection and done some army building, too. I plan to pick up more figures after the holidays, when places like Target will clearance stuff out.

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    Thumbs up Finds (Indiana)

    I had a really nice week just prior to Thanksgiving until today. I got all 4 of the Target exclusives of their assessory packs. 1. Endor Victory 2. Hoth Survival 3. Arena Conflict 4. Death Star

    Also got a clone trooper pilot, and left an extra one on the peg in front for all to see.

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    Found a slightly shelf worn Tarpels with Kaadu. Is that any good? I got it for 29.99

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    Well I voted No, because I have almost everything. The only real score was a 12" Ki Adi for $4.99 and a Stormy 4 pack for $6.99 at WOTC. This wasn't because of the X-Mas sales, but is was a great deal. I just wish I could buy something on sale that I need. It would have been nice to get the 12" Zuckuss wave for a few bucks less.
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    I voted NO because I'm fairly broke and the shelves seem extra bare of good new stuff around here now that these sales are hitting. Still haven't found deluxe clone, clone pilot, and Endor accessory set, and now with the holiday season putting extra shoppers into the mix, my chances of finding them seems to be circling the drain. If I thought I had any chance of finding some of this stuff, I'd be out there buying again, but alas it is not to be.
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    Didn't find any at TRU that I don't have 2 of. Except for the 12 inch figures, which I hope will go on sale soon. Especially the Luke on Tauntaun.
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    I voted yes. Friday morning I was at the local TRU and picked up 6 Gunship Pilots and 3 Ephant Mon's, all for $2.99 a piece. And the pilots look incredibly cool in the Gunship I got the weekend before for $12. I know I'm probably already hated (and this is just my first post).

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    I bought a few $3 figures, but the main item I picked up was the Gunship at Target for $30. I typically shy away from large vehicles (i prefer Action Fleet) but this one was a must get for the price- plus my son was practically daring me to buy it!

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    I voted no, since I didn't find anything on sale on Black Friday that I didn't already have. Of course, I didn't make it to TRU until after 10 AM that day, so all the $3 figures were pretty much picked through, but I did find 12" Dengar and Zuckuss. I passed on the Imperial Officer for now.

    I did buy two LEGO Republic Gunships at Wal-Mart on clearance for $40 two weeks before Thanksgiving.

    I finally found all of the Target Accessory Sets in Indianapolis the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. They had one Hoth left on the pegs, so I asked an associate and he brought out a case with two of each set. Woo-hoo!

    Stopped by WM on Monday and saw lots of Clone Pilots, but I have yet to find the Holiday Edition, Ephant Mon, or another clean-shaven Endor soldier. Maybe this weekend...


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