View Poll Results: Are you stocking up on Star Wars now that bargains can be found?

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  • Yes, I'm buying for myself.

    148 50.00%
  • Yes, I'm buying gifts for fans I know.

    12 4.05%
  • No, I've pretty much bought all I want already.

    136 45.95%
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    Are you stocking up on Star Wars now that bargains can be found?

    There's no question that a lot of Star Wars product is flying off the shelves to become some lucky people's presents this winter!

    How would you describe how your Star Wars shopping habit has changed recently?

    What are you buying?

    Let's discuss what kinds of bargains you've discovered.
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    I bought a bundle of figs at TRU for 2.99.

    Yet I had to vote "NO" because they didn't have anything I wanted . . . I picked up Watto because for $3 he's not bad.

    I wanted to take advantage of the deal for Toys For Tots so that's why I stocked up. It was easy enough to stock up on Jangos, Mauls, Royal Guards, Puhrs, characters that look neat and are hopefully cool to the kids. I figured I may as well brave the Saturday crowds to get as much as possible for my $$$.

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    I was able to find a few figures that were price matched at Walmart with ToysRUs ad but did not have any luck at Kmart, they had the last 3 figures I needed and the manager said they no longer price matched. Now you would think with a company going bankrupt you would want all the sales you could get, but I did take advantage of their sale on legos but one get one 50% off. As for going to ToysRUs I would not be able to get into the store as crowded as the parking lot was.

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    I did a little army building.

    WOTC: 2 Royal Guards and a Stormtrooper Set
    TRU: 1 Endor Soldier w/goatee (which is already in the process of being customized into a blonde variation)

    I'm pretty much done buying figures this year once I find Ephant Mon.
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    Well I got the Clone Trooper Pilot at TRU. I would rather have found a Ephant Mon, but wouldn't we all?
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    Whoo-hoo! $.49 Jar-Jar at Wizards of the Coast!

    'Nuff said.
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    I voted no, although I would have bought a few clone troopers/pilots had I seen them, to put in my Gunship.

    Caeser, it was nice of you to remember the less fortunate over the Thanksgiving weekend.
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    I'm finished for this year. Once I got my grubby hands on Ephant Mon that was it for me.

    I went to the MALL OF AMERICA this weekend thinking that was going to be the place to find a mother load of SW goodies, wrong!

    So much for "bigger is better"
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    Army building sir....

    need more battle droids.....KBToys does not pricematch which blows so I had to go online.

    fine by me...they don't wont my $$$ either.....
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    I too didn't find anything new, unless you count the blond Peter Scolari Rebel Trooper. I was hoping to find an Ephant Mon or a couple more Clone Pilots at the TRU sale but there were none when the store opened (I was one of the first 30 people inside).

    I was able to get my son a bunch of the first wave of figures that he doesn't have, like Ani and OB1, at a really great price. I also brought back in a slew of old receipts for price matching and ended up getting about $20 something back. I was also able to use some KB coupons at TRU for $3 off Hasbro SW stuff totaling $15 or more.

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