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    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    I watched the first half of this show, and I was bored out of my mind. I just couldn't watch it. Although I can't watch most Sci-Fi shows, to begin with. To me, its just another "X-Files-esque" show, and I hated the X-Files for the most part.
    I actually tried watching this show too but then switched on MNF. Al Michaels talking to a wall would be more interesting than this show. Maybe the build-up is too slow and it'll get better as the show continues on but I don't have the patience to stay with it.

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    Well, I am enjoying this show and eagerly await tonights' episode.

    I like watching these long drawn out shows unfold. Last night I especially enjoyed the way that Owen offed his wife. In a twisted sort of way.

    It's kinda like watching a game of chess, each piece moves into position and we get to see the big picture!

    Owen is my favorite character, I guess because I hate him so much.
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    Its not bad...I have been watching it all week......well.. I have not "really" watched it....its just been on when I'm doing other stuff...
    I would like to watch it all at once(DVD Box set?)20 hours? maybe over 2 days......

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    I was really sad when Owen killed Ann. It really showed that he had this twisted obessession with his "quest". Why was i sad? Ann was kinda homely, but really sweet and she thought she took up with this great and handsome guy. As it turns out... he ruins her perception of life and beats her down and then kills her. What a bastard!

    Anyhow... what was even MORE twisted was last night's episode where Owen's eldest son taunted him as he died... and then is picking up where Owen left off in the project.

    I am with SithKiller! I can't wait for tonight's episode...!!!!

    What absolutely amazes me is... all of these people who gripe and gripe about shows/films not having a detailed and cohesive story line are fleeing from this. I like the fact that the story is taking its time to unfold. I would rather be told a good story like this than to have a bunch of flaming cars thrown at me...
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    I gues I'm wit a lot of you. I was pumped for this show, and watched the first one. I about fell asleep.... I actually forgot about it Tuesday, so I figures I wasn't that interested and haven't watched any other episodes. I think after the boreing first 2 hours, I could commit another 18 hours to it. Hell, I still need to watch my 4 hour LOTR DVD, and I know that's a good show.

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    I really enjoyed that end scene with Owen and his eldest son. It really brought everything full circle.

    I have been noticing these cycles a LOT in this show.

    Can't wait for tonight's episode!
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    I can't either! I really think this is a solid story... with lots of human relationship stories. I felt terribly when Jesse found out his father was killed and there was nothing he could do. I totally felt his helplessness.

    Tonight's should be good...
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    O.K. IMO the first few episodes were really slow moving. But now everything is falling into place. The past three episodes had some good action in them. The one that was on last night (12/11) reminded me of Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. Now it's getting good.
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    See... everyone wants the payoff right off the bat. No one wants to see the "whys" of a story anymore. There are reasons why things happen and you can't just summarise them. They are important.

    The fact that you can care about Charlie because you cared about his dad and grandfather and knew what they all went through makes Charlie's story more interesting. The same hold's true for Allie, her mother, her grandfather and her great grandmother as well as those nasty Campbells. You see who these people are and where they came from. They are not as two-dimensional as most charaters in films.

    Yes, there were a lot of similarities to CE3K in last night's episode. I enjoyed that little nod as well. Mary Campbell is REALLY diabolical and crazed. It's weird when you saw how she shot her father, Eric, and you almost felt bad for him... like he really wasn't so bad after all and that most of what he did was to win his father's approval even after he "killed" his father.

    I am really sad that tomorrow night will be the last night of the mini-series. I have grown to like these people and really have gotten into the action.

    Well done, Mr. Spielberg. Well done, indeed!
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    I have to agree, this whole series has been well done.

    I think the weakest acting took place with the group, they all seemed kinda weak to me. IMHO. Although the scenes were necessary to the development of the characters and the story.

    Anyway, the rest has been outstanding. I will be sad when it's all over.
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