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    Let's see what Mr. Spielberg can do with the "NEW" Indiana Jones. I really want to see Minority Report-looks good. O.K. sorry off the subject.
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    Long ago I came to terms with the fact that I'm Spielberg's b***h.
    The fact that I've given up 18 hours of my life and that I'm looking forward to 2 more is just more proof.

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    Just wait until "Taken" comes out on DVD next year. Then you'll happily be handing more money over to him.

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    I thought about getting this on DVD, but I'm not quite certain that this is something I could watch again. I mean... the thing that is so cool about it is going on the journey with each new generation and being surprised. The surprises aren't there the second time around, I feel (based on watching portions of the reruns). This isn't like a "fluff" movie like Star Wars and it's not something deep or entertaining that lasts only a couple hours and you can watch over and over again.

    I don't really know how to say what I feel about this miniseries. I DO love it... but I think it will lose that magic with repeat viewings. If I DID happen to get a DVD set... it would probably sit on my shelf and I wouldn't watch it for several years. by then... it would probably just show up on the tube again.
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    That was fun. A little part of me is glad that it's over just so I can have my evenings back, but I wanted to see a glimpse into the characters future before the curtains closed *sigh*.

    Has anyone ever seen anything in the sky that defies conventional logic?
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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    Has anyone ever seen anything in the sky that defies conventional logic?
    Does Marlon Brando in an airplane count?

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    AGENTS OF ATLAS - Returns in Early 2009.

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    Here's a fun fact: the little girl, Dakota Fanning, is from Conyers. She's actually a well-mannered kid. Her Grandparents, Steve and Mary-Jane Arrington paid me a whole $200 to clear their entire (huge) property of leaves (I was just starting my business, so...). Anyway, the grandparents are close friends with my cousin. They visit, along with Dakota, every year in Covington. So, being that I know Dakota pretty well, I kind of am in Taken too. PM me if you want an autograph. :happy:

    Wasn't that fun?

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    Dakota Fanning rules!!! You are totally lucky to have met her. She seems like a really exceptional young lady.

    And... yes, my family and I have witnessed- on two separate occasions, odd lights in the sky.
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    Once, my sister and I camped out in the back yard.

    I dreamed that we were visited by aliens. The next day my sister told my mom all about the dream she had about being visited by aliens.

    It was identical down to the last detail. I never mentioned it to them.

    I don't believe we were actually visited by aliens, I think we shared a common dream. Which is still pretty odd.

    I have also had several dreams that would be considered precognisant.
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    I haven't made any assumptions about what I saw either time.

    I was at a rave south of Des Moines, IA. It was an outdoor rave at a bar situated on a beach setting. I saw my friend looking off into the distance and decided to see what had his attention. When I looked where he pointed, I saw a flashing light moving about the sky. It would zip from one horizon to the next making near 180 turns without even the slightest pause. After a few moments it seemed to rapidly ascend and vanish. That time I had a helps negate the fact that I saw this at a rave

    The second time was when I made a trip to the big city to pick up my washing machine. I caught a fast moving object out the corner of my left eye and even before I could move my eyes to focus on it, it was passing in front of me (early afternoon, mid-summer, bright and sunny). I had time only to make a few observations. It was oval shaped. It was metallic. It seemed to fly low to the ground. It cast a shadow larger than a car on the road in front of me before zipping over the horizon heading toward the northeast as I was traveling (for the most part) straight north. It certainly made my trip interesting, but what do you do about things like this?

    I told a few people when I got home. They believe me, but they don't get very excited about it. I can't let myself buy into the idea of seeing something that wasn't made by the hands of humans even if I want to. I know what I saw, but I'll never really know exactly what it was. The visual memory is still with me for both events, and I told (and re-told) each tale while attempting to avoid any extraneous information so that I wouldn't forget or rearrange the details in the future. Still, somtimes I doubt my own memories to a certain extent. So I share the stories every now and again and leave it at that.
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