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    Originally posted by Jedi Clint
    I was at a rave


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    Yeah... I've had a couple sightings.

    I was about 5 when my parents and I saw three lights approching each other from separate parts of the sky. They came together in a triangular fashion, slowly rotated in formation and sped away and up into the night sky.

    The second time was when I was about 16. My mum and I both saw the same object. Neither of us discussed the sighting as we had not witnessed it together. We talked about it when the local paper reported that on off-duty state patrolman spotted this and called it into the post. The post called Hopkins International, where they were unable to see it on their scopes. They called up Wright-Patterson. W-P said they had it on their radar, but the object had no identifiers. W-P followed it until it just disappeared over the Avon Lake area.
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    THEY'RE COMING!!! THEY'RE COMING FOR US ALL!! JESUS GOD NOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

    "prrrrrrrrrt" e me.

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    They just told me that they've changed their minds about you. Don't worry.

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    I made UP my mind about him a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNG time ago...
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    I rather liked this show. It was better than "Signs" anyway.
    I think my favorite character was Owen, and it was a shame they killed him off so early into the series.

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    Yeah, about the "Taken" DVD, is there any definite date on this release? I'm assuming JJB will know!

    as for me, i taped all of them and need to watch the last 14 hours before i go VCR-less when i head to school on sunday!! ahhh!!
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