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    Steven Spielberg presents "TAKEN"

    Okay... I WILL be tuning in for this. I will have to tape "John Doe", "Will & Grace" and a couple other shows to navigate through the deep waters before us. Deep waters? Why, yes!

    I am rather frightened that this is being considered a miniseries. It is, after all, 20 hours of programming. Considering that a typical network series that runs in a one hour block shoots 24-26 episodes per season, this could have been a limited run series. This could have aired one hour per week through the course of the season and then have been repeated for those who missed it!

    I certainly hope it will be worth it. Yikes!

    Who else will be joining me?
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    I am eagerly anticipating this series as well. I've been keeping track of it, since I heard about it. Most people are referring to it as a maxi-series. It's also supposedly airing in marathon blocks, on the weekends, from what I've heard.

    Tonight will make or break the series. Though from the making of show that has been airing for the past week or so, it looks like it will be incredible. The "foo fighters" flying among the allied bombers over Germany is an amazing shot.

    Plus the first episode was directed by Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist), so I assume that the series will be fantastic. The people that have seen early previews of it, say it's wonderful. There is also a book and a DVD release planned. Hopefully soon after the series airs.

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    I'll probably tune in myself since MNF will probably be another stinker like it has been all season.
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    MNF is all showbiz anymore. It's no longer about the game. You won't be missing anything! :happy:
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    I will be tuning in, and taping it at the same time, just in case I fall asleep.

    I dosen't air until 9PM!!!

    Ah well, this looks to be a very promising "maxi-series".
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    Okay... I liked a lot of the set up. I'm really glad that this isn't all "CE3K" or "Communion" or "Fire in the Sky" in its approach. I'm still wondering what the deal is with Owen (?). Why the heck did he bash Sue's head in?? Was it because he didn't want her to go and "ruin" his plan to marry his way to the top? Or... was the Owen who came out of the ship actually an alien who ASSUMED Owen's identity... Weird.

    Anyhow... I'm glad I'm watching. Part One will be rebroadcast from 7pm to 9pm tonight! Coolness.
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    Originally posted by JEDIpartnr
    I'm still wondering what the deal is with Owen (?). Why the heck did he bash Sue's head in?? Was it because he didn't want her to go and "ruin" his plan to marry his way to the top?
    That was probably a contributing factor to it, but I suspect that it was more because of the alien object. He showed little to no interest in harming or aggresion towards her until after he knew that she had information which he was trying to control. That, I think, is why she had to die as far as he was concerned. He knew that she had not told anyone else and so he was just tieing up loose ends. I think that I am really going to hate his character as the series goes on.
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    I already didn't like him because he was totally playing his (now) wife (Ann, is it?) with that little (now dead) strumpet, Sue. I thought that was really terrible that he has these ulterior motives and I really feel bad for her, seeing how she is so happy. He just kinda looks like an underhanded "too pretty to be nice" sorta guy. Grrrrrrr
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    Not to kiss anyone's butt, however... Mr. Spielberg, this ROCKS!!!
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    I watched the first half of this show, and I was bored out of my mind. I just couldn't watch it. Although I can't watch most Sci-Fi shows, to begin with. To me, its just another "X-Files-esque" show, and I hated the X-Files for the most part.
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