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    What is happening to me???!!

    First off: I hate Ewoks. ROTJ is, by FAR, my least favorite SW movies. Yet, something strange is happening to me. I have, as of late, been buying up MOMC unpunched figures from the Ewoks TV Series.

    I can't explain it. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm much older now than when I developed my hatred for the little buggers. Perhaps that being a father for the past 7 years has mellowed me and made me appreciate the "cute-sy" things in life.

    Hell, I don't know. The only thing I do know is: I have nearly everyone of these little suckers MOMC unpunched and am searching high and low for the last one (Wicket).

    Any ideas on how to purge the poison from my body or is it too late?


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    As long as your enjoying what your purchasing, why worry about what you used to think? Alot of people have mellowed since 1983 on the existance of Ewoks. All that matters is whether you are having fun collecting. Obviously, it sounds like that you are.

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    Ewoks rock! Yub Yub.

    Don't worry about it, you're the one controlling the money. Like JJB said, if you enjoy getting the figures then don't worry about what you used to think. :happy:
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    You have contracted the deadly virus nostalgitis. Its only cure? Death! (OK, not that drastic ). I have begun collecting Ewoks and Droids comics from Marvel's Star Comics series, circa 1986. Are the stories great? No, but I long for the olden days apparently, so my collection grows.
    So far I have been able to avoid the figures from those cartoons.
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    I agree with everything everyone said here. My collecting the Ewoks figures came out of nowhere when a guy I know off of eBay told me he'd sell me an unpunched C9+ Logray for 30 bucks delivered. Heck, I had to take that! I got it and really dug it and started getting all the others.

    This hobby is like crack - much to the chagrin of my wallet.


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    When I got back into collecting vintage a few years ago, I found myself compelled to get all 8 Ewok figs . . . I have 4 MOC and 4 loose !

    I've never hated the Ewoks though, so it's a different perspective. STILL, there were other "cooler" figs I could have focused on, but I just had to have the Ewoks ! ! !

    I guess the marketing conspiracy worked !!!!!!!

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    Eventually, I want a complete loose Vintage collection, including the Ewoks and Droids figures. The newer stuff has kept my Star Wars budget busy though. One day....

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    OK, maybe I don't have close to all of them. Caesar: I thought there were only 6 of them not 8 - Wicket, Logray, the Dulok King, the Dulok Lady, Dulok Scout and Dulok Shaman. What am I missing?


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    I refer to the 8 ROTJ/POTF Ewoks.

    The animated series figs are of no interest to me.

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