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    Favorite "Extra" Jedi Figure?

    What's your favorite non-important jedi figure?


    All the rest.

    I can't really vote since currently I only own one, that's Luminara. She's great though!

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    Anakin and Mace are important?

    Well I'd say all the Jedi are important but my favorite background Jedi figures are Luminara, Nikto Jedi, Shaak Ti, Saesee Tiin, Plo Koon, Ki-Adi and I'm pretty sure I'll love the Aayla Secura figure.
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    Gotta go with Luminara, right now. After we see pictures of Barriss Offee and the completed Aayla Secura, there may be a new winner. Judging by what we have seen of Aayla, she's kick-arse.

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    I like the Nikto Jedi figure:

    He doesn't have a name that I'm aware of, so I can think up any story I want about him.

    He can be posed so he does not look like he's so combat oriented, but rather like he's moving with stealth or concealing something, or even using the Jedi Mind Trick.

    Kit Fisto is also pretty cool.

    I've always liked SaeSee Tiin's design, but I don't think a figure of him yet has done him full justice. I want a SaeSee with a lot of articulation, but I don't want to see that happen in favor of getting any other never-made-before movie or EU figure I also want.

    Eeth Koth, though POTJ, is also a great figure and I like his look.
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    Have to say Eeth Koth. Just another one-pose wonder, but it's a cool pose and I like the flowing Jedi robes and Koth's expression of... determination.

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    I like Luminara Unduli, but I'd still like ANOTHER one that isn't such a drama queen!
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    Luke isnt important,he just runs around and whines.

    Luminara would have to be my favorite.I cant wait for Bariss and Aayla,hopefully they'll have more articulation.
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    Originally posted by Tycho
    I like the Nikto Jedi figure:

    He doesn't have a name that I'm aware of, so I can think up any story I want about him.

    Tycho, I too like the Nikto Jedi, and I liked that he was surprisingly unnamed. However, it turns out that he does have a name. I will have to consult my trusty Star Wars Characters, Creatures, and Droids 2003 desk calendar tonight to recall the name, but he does appear therein and is given a proper name. I am surprised to find that Hasbro did not have that information or did and chose the generic "Nikto Jedi", given the name inflation that has set in over the years (i.e.; every single character has a propper name now).

    As for the Jedi ranks released to date, I would have to go with Kit Fisto as a personal favorite. Not based solely on the figure, which is nice, but also on the look of the character. The earliest pictures I saw of the actor in costume did nothing for me. But seeing Kit on film with those bulbous black eyes and that almost maniacal grin on his face in battle, now that was something other than else!
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    I agree- Kit is cool. I hope he gets more screen time.

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    Plo Koon has to be my favorite. While the figure isn't all that great, I love his mask and eye covers. They give him a menacing look that not many Jedi have.
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