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    I'm going to beta test SW Galaxies: An Empire Divided!!

    Just got the word from Sony that I've been tapped to be a beta tester for Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided!! I'm about to POP!!

    I'll be sure to give you guys some info as soon as I receive my CD's - which should be in a couple of weeks.


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    Congrats, JF. Make sure you try out a Bothan and Trandoshan charecter for me, and see how they run. I'm hoping to be tapped soon myself. This game is gonna kick-arse.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Thanks, JJB.

    I plan on trying out all of the characters to get a feel for which species I like best. (But, I've always dug Bossk's species.) However, I don't know what the limitations will be, as of yet. Hopefully, they'll let us play around to find our groove.

    Hope you make it too. We can meet, talk, collect stuff, and go on killing rampages (J/K)


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    You get to be a beta tester? Sounds exciting. Maybe we can work something out with Steve about putting your review (positives and negatives) of the beta game on the main news page.
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    Have you guys been posting this whole time over on the galaxies website? What's the projected release date, if they are only now beta testing?
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    I've never posted on the Galaxies site. I don't know what the actual release date is. Last I heard it was next summer. But there is no official release date.


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    Release dates for video games are a Joke.

    I plan on creating a clan for Star Wars Galaxies and fellow SSG friends. You can check my post on it somewhere here in the video games thread.

    Keep us posted on the Beta Jango.

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    Just so you folks know, they are still accepting beta test applications according to the web site.

    Check it out! Hope to see some of you in there!


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    Hey, everyone!

    I just got the CD's in the mail today! I will install tonight and get to run 'round the place.

    Assuming the NDA allows, I'll let you know what I know when I know it


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    Just so you will all know, I've had the "pleasure" of playing for 10 minutes since I've gotten the CD's. The servers are being updated this week. Hopefully, I'll get some more time in next week.

    The NDA keeps from from saying pretty much anything about the game. But, from what I've seen, I like.



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