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    Honest, she likes it - I even got her rooting roung the bargain bins at Memorabilia. Not only that, she does a cracking shepherds pie.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    LT. Childsen: "TK421 why aren't you at your post?"

    TK421: "mmmf gmumff ffmummfff Sh'pherds pie!"

    Lt. Childsen: "Sorry, lunch break, Commisary is full, as you were trooper."

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    I'm a damn conformist too! 30, male, collects 3 3/4, have aroun d 300 figures and a nice chunk of ships.

    Yay - open that bloody starship. Even if you are 30 it's hours of fun playing with it!

    My other half worships the films but cannot get his head around the concept of collecting the toys! SO I Ignore him and carry on regardless!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    My better half has never thought my collection is cool.
    Of the queens royal starship she said, and I quote
    "I don't think much of that. It was shiny in the film. This ones matte."
    nuff said really.
    Although she has given me an entire room of our new house to put it in so I can;t really complain.
    She also makes a mean shepards pie, although her true talent is in roast dinners.

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    Looks like I kind of fit into the catagory too !!!

    28 (29 in 22 days)


    500+ 3 3/4" figures

    Many vehicles and other bits & pieces.

    Prefer not to shop at TRU however, they never have anything I want, so I always buy online elsewhere.

    My other half don't mind me collecting SW, she helps find me bargains at conventions etc.

    *** That Starship Needs Opening ***
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    It makes noises, bits fly off, it has another Artoo in it, there's flashy lights, and a free throne that no AMidala can sit on... ever.

    Open it, give into thr dark side!!!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    Yes, I fit the demographic pretty well too -


    Approaching 33

    Around 470 figures, plus most of the ships

    Mother (and father) a couple of hundred miles away

    No glasses (20-20 vision )

    No anorak (usually no coat at all!)

    I occasionally visit TRU, but haven't bought much there since they slowed their releases down around July. Rely much more on R2DToys, eBay, & Forbidden Planet to keep my collection up to date.

    Most of my friends regard my collection as a quaint eccentricity, but it didn't stopping them all wanting to play with the toys the last time they came round for dinner!

    Open the Starship!
    "Afterlife, aftershave - don't hold with any of it!" - Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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    Glad we're all agreed that the ship should come out of its box. Don't want any of those crazy box people round here.

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    "let me out of the box"

    "stay in the box"

    "let me out of the box"

    "stay in the box"

    "let me out of the box!"

    "stay in the damn box and shut up!"

    "let me out of the box the batteries are leaking"

    "stay in the box. Euuuuw - that's gross...!"

    Free the red astro droid he's cool. Plus there's the extra vehicle in that yellow escape pod, My nephew likes that more than the big ship, it has a droid slot and fires a missile. Oh and the sounds activated by remote with flashing lights and all of that, too cool not to play with.

    My friends don't even get to see my toys, they aren't worthy enough to get the honour. Besides they're all clumsy and they'd break something valuable. Or knock everything off the shelf and then the dog would eat stuff. My first dog ate Luke Dagobah which on reflection isn't too bad but I don't want the newer stuff going that route. My toys are for me only, or perhaps my Nephew occasionally if he's good. My sister won't let me buy him any more star wars toys though says he has too many toys already. She made me buy him art stuff for xmas instead. How dull. You can never have enough star wars toys IMO.

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    Ermmmm, Just letting you know that the Starship is still in it's box............Sorry


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