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    Let's make freinds

    I was just interested to find out what our age/sex demographic is here.
    I'm male and 23.
    Anybody else care to share.

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    Well, according to the Hasbro Jedi site Uk collectors are between 24 and 34, male and have more than 200 items in their collections. We prefer to buy at TRU and buy mostly three and three quarter inch figures.

    That said I'm 35 almost and last time I looked I was male. Contrary to the popular misconception about sci-fi fans I don't live at home with a dominating mother and I don't wear glasses or wear an anorak. I do have a dominating mother but she's kept safely at a distance by a telephone answering machine.
    I do collect mostly small figures and i have something in the region of 7-800 figures I think. I haven't tried counting for a long time.

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    Also according to Hasbro we want figures with a button that makes their arm move and 50 different R2D2's, so I guess their surveying skills are a bit off.

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    26 male and stuck in Newcastle Upon Tyne.. I keep my mother in the USA so I don't have to deal with her and I DO want 50 r2d2's becuse 1 just isn't enough
    Itís better to stay silent and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubtÖ

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    WOW, I fall into EVERY stereotype the Hasbro Jedi site UK wrote!

    200++++++ figures
    prefer TRU (Wal-Mart is #2 )
    collect mostly the 3.75 inch stuff

    I am also happily married and have 1 daughter.
    May the force be with you.

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    Well im 32 male,

    I have 223 figures,also loads of vehicles,(still in 2 minds to open Amidala's Starship or sell)

    My own home,which is turning into a Star Wars Showroom,and me mates think its sad....their loss.

    And where on earth do people on e-bay get all these cheap figure's from,i would love to know so i could get them myself

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    Ooh open it, open it. It's so big and shiny how can you resist.

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    I fit the demographic nicely. 26, Male, over 300 figs & ships (one of which is the Royal Starship purchased at the weekend - Lewis, open it, its fabulous). I mainly buy from TRU but that is happening less and less because they don't seem to get any new stock at the Norwich branch, and because i've just found a new shop failrly locally with pretty much everything in it.

    You won't find an anorak on my coat hook, my complexion has cleared up very nicely over the last few years and my wife thinks my collection is cool.
    and I thought they smelled bad on the outside...

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    cmon now, that last bit about your wife was a fib wasn't it.

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    My wife used to think my collection was cool.

    Now she just goes "Oh look, another Star Wars toy."

    **thinking to herself "Are they ever going to quite making these dXXX things?"**
    May the force be with you.


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