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    Jango Fett...Lost his Hand?


    When I first saw AOTC (both times) in the theater...I thought that when Mace Windu is deflecting Jango's laser blasts, I thought that he cut Jango's hand off and the his head. But after watching the video several times since Nov 12, I played that scene frame by frame when I noticed Jango still had both of his hands attached when his headless body fell to the ground. So I ask...who here thought as I did...that Jango lost both his right hand and his head? The scene was so cool when I first saw it...and asuming the common theme in SW films was that at least one person / creature lost a limb (namely a right hand / arm) in each of the SW films (with the exception of TPM)...that Jango did indeed lose his right hand.

    Anyone else get fooled?
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    Nope, I never thought that. That would be so much cooler though.
    The Mace vs. Jango fight was such an anticlimax for me
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    Yeah, it fooled me too.

    As for no one losing a limb in TPM, Darkross, doesn't Darth Maul count? He lost the most of anyone so far---his whole upper body!!! Or his whole lower body...from a "certain point of view."
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    I never thought it, but I know what you're talking about. I think Mace get's Jango's blaster, not his hand.

    Zam was the character in AOTC who lost a arm, I LOVE that bit !

    Talking about watching the DVD frame by frame, who here has watched Yoda kick Dooku's arse in slow-mo !!! Before I saw it in slow-mo I thought it looked fake, but after seeing it slow you can see the detail in every move and even tell that the lightsabers even hit eachother!!! I LOVE IT!

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    I thought Mace got Jango's blaster as well.

    Didn't Anakin lose a limb as well in ATOC?

    And I believe a few battle droids were hacked to pieces by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan...I know, they're droids and don't count. It also wasn't a blatently obvious as Ponda Baba's, Luke's, Vader's, Zam's, and Anakin's. Hmmmm. Why is GL so obsessed with people losing their hands?
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    Yeah I thought he lost his right hand just before his head. I still wish they had pulled the scene off better, I think they should've called in the F/X people for Sleepy Hollow when it came to that cause IIRC, Jango's headless body was just CGI and looked dissapointingly fake.
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    Jango's head was computer-taken-off but the body was real the whole time.
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    yep, JabbaJohnL is right, the same thing was said in the french lucasfilm mag..

    there was also a pic of mace standing in the arena and jango kneeling in front of him (with bluescreen background), but that never hapeened in the movie...guess that's where hasbro got the idea to give FB jango knee-articulation
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    I knew it was just Jango's head from the beginning. But anyways, I thought the effect was awesome. Those ILM guys rule!

    I've watched Yoda and Dooku's fight in slow-motion. And it's pretty neat. Master Yoda was really kicking butt!
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    Highly reccomended! Watch the Yoda Dooku fight in slow MO. It really rules!
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