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    First Garfield, now Spongebob

    Spongebob Squarepants - The Movie Update

    Dark Horizons reported the following:

    The hit kids TV show will soon come to the big screen and 'Tecnodrome' has details on the storyline which sounds very Finding Nemo-esque: "I just attended a seminar by Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, and the topic of the Spongebob movie came up. While he was being very tight-lipped about the whole thing, he still slipped out a brief plot synopsis. Apparently the story follows Patrick getting caught by a fisherman, and he gets taken to an aquarium or shop of some kind in Florida. And the adventure basically follows Spongebob and friends on a quest to get him back. He sounded really excited about it, and explained that this was the reason for the decrease in new Spongebob tv shows, but that it will definitely be worth it because he knows its gonna be 'really funny'".

    I was really hoping he could be kept inside of the television and not out in the theaters. Ren & Stimpy never got a movie, why does Bob?
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    As a fan of SpongeBob, I'll definately see this movie when/if it comes out.

    I'M READY!
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    NO WAY!!! a spongebob movie?!!?! SWEET deal!!!! But James, at least it isn't "live action" like Garfield. This is going to rock!
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    I had heard about this already, and I'm really disappointed to be honest. This is Nickelodeon's new strategy, every new show that works gets a movie no matter how much it hurts the show itself. Rocko's Modern Life never got a movie, Ren & Stimpy never got a film deal, yet Wild Thornberries & Hey Arnold get films? And then, like most Nick films, the character never seem as true to the show as they should because they have to initiate anybody in the audience who hasn't seen the show - I hate that.

    Shoulda stuck with new eps of the series, one of my favorite toons on TV but it's ALL reruns these days.
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    yet Wild Thornberries & Hey Arnold get films?
    Actually the Hey Arnold movie issue was different. Originally it was gonna be a TV movie that would end the series, but they decided not to end it and so the movie got shelved for awhile until they finally released it.
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    I did not know that, what an odd choice for Nick to make - especially because the film got panned. My point is still Nick needs to stop doing movies and start concentrating on more of the quality programming they have.
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    no way! that rocks! spongebob on the big screen! when does it come out? next summer/winter?
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    Jesus Hango, where ya' been the past few weeks?
    Anyway, I heard it will be out 2004. Sounds good!
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    Yeah I heard about this a couple weeks ago. It'll be good. Can't wait.


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