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    Wal-Mart: now with 5 star wars figures

    So I've been going about my usual hunting exploits, and I've gone to maybe three different wal-marts in my area- every one of them has two pegs of star wars figures! THAT'S IT
    now I'm aware of the sending back of 15 figures, but still- two pegs?!? during CHRISTMAS SEASON!?!?
    am I looking in the wrong place? did they relocate all the star wars stuff? Or have they been eaten up by Harry Potter and The Two Towers (by the way, if you see Sauron- GET HIM. he rocks)?
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    It's because they are getting in new figures, so when they do come in they go right out again. I've seen the same thing around here. One day, a few figures. The next day, racks and racks of new figures. A day or so later, they all are gone again. Just give your store a bit of time to restock.

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    Gee I wish my Walmarts only got in new figures. The ones I have been to only have Vaders and Pilot Obi's. A few Lott Dodds and Wattos here and there, but that's about all.
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    Don't feel bad, my Wal Mart has had NO figures at all. They had a case out for the release of the video/DVD but they sold in a week.

    All they have are cantina packs (waiting for those to go on sale), Unleashed (waiting for Padme to go on sale ) and a few action fleets.
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    All the Waldos here in Tampa, FL that I have stopped by have the same old peggers with an exception here or there of some of the more frequent figures from the latest waves. However, they still have 12 to 15 pegs available for the figures but the number of figures are low. I don't think they have been restocking lately here in anticipation of new stuff. Let's hope, I want my Ephant Mon.

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    around here my WM has a huge area for SW, with about 20 pegs for 3.75" figures, but you know what? There's not one figure to be found and it's been this way since the recall or what ever you want to call it.
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    My WM usually doesn't have a damn thing, but today I found 3 Clone Pilots... it was the first time in the entire saga line that I have found something at my Wal-Mart that I hadn't seen elsewhere.

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    Most all of my Wal-Marts have Dexter, Mace, Pilot Obi-Wan, and Jango Final Battle. Thats it.
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    Our Wally World pegs have been empty for the past 2 weeks even through Black Friday. I dont know whats up with that.
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    Of the two WMs in my immediate area, one has condensed its SW area to just three rows of pegs (three wide and three down), making room for Harry and Two Towers stuff. The other WM's SW section hasn't changed.


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