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    The reason I don't like it is that it reminds me of the titles of too many stupid movies. But if George can live with it, then so can I. At least it's not titled "Killer Klones from Outer Space".
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    In the trailer, we have yet to see any clones attacking ...

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    the other titles were pretty much original. "AOTC" doesnt match at all.

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    I dont hate the title, but i liked better "The clone wars" (of course that was only an assumption) In the end the title is growing in me. har har har
    As always...........L

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    I never paid much attention to the title anyway.I just want the story.I do think that GL could have been more creative on the title.Just thinking of what he started so many years ago and the story around it,I think some people were let down by the name.But when the movie hits , I don't think the title will matter to much.
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