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Thread: If You had To

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    If You had To

    Ok lets say that some cave man dude was preserved for thousands of years and they brought him back to life( or this could be with any person who has never heard of Star wars) In what order would you show them the Star Wars Movies Episode I, Then II, Then III, and then the original triligory, or would you show them the movies the way GL intended you to see them. I for sure woudl show them ANH, then EST, and ROTJ, and then all of the prequels, what about you?

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    I'd show them in order 1,2,3(not done yet),4,5 and 6
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    I would show them 1,2,3,4,5,6,, as they are intended. Don't you think it would be confusing to watch them all backwards, if you were seeing it for the first time? And then, as the person showing it to them, you'd have to answer even more questions; having to sit there in the prequels and go, 'Ok, remember Luke? Well, this is his mom, and that's his dad, and so forth.....
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    I would show them like this III, VI, II, V, I, IV. But the first time I would only let them listen to the audio, the second time I would only let them watch the video with no sound, then I'd let them watch the whole thing in order (I thru VI) with both sound and picture. Why? Because that's how ZANINESS is supposed to work.

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    hehehe...i would first show them the OT, then the prequels...yep...thats it!!
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    I would show them in numerical order, but with a 3 year gap between each one, and of course a 16 year gap between parts 3 and 4. Thats how it is for us, so it's only fair.
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    IV, V, VI, I, II, III. Any other way completely ruins the surprises of ESB and ROTJ. Imagine someone watching them for the first time and seeing them in order.

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    LUKE: "Yoda told me of another."
    VIEWER: "This guy's gonna save the galaxy? Better learn to tie his shoes first!"
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    I'd show them the movies in some sort of strange order like episodes 2-4 first then the rest in this order 6,1, and then 5.

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    Eps 4, 5, 6, 2, 3, Droids cartoon, Ewoks movies, Ewoks cartoons, Holiday Special, Hardware Wars, Troops, the Star Dudes trilogy (Star Dudes, The Bad Dudes Strike Back, and Return Of The Dude), and finally, Ep 1.
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    I would first show him (or her-hopefully a Raquel Welch 1M BC look-alike) Howard the Duck and then Radioland Murders. Then when they get around to TPM and ROTJ they won't be as let down. See, this way they'll have view of Lucas as a crummy movie-maker and think all his movies suck. That way when he/she see these two they'll think that they aren't that bad.
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