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    New Collection 2 pics! finally put up the new pics, although only of Lama Su, Aayla Secura and Barriss Offee, but they still rock!

    the figs look very cool, and Aayla Secura has some grweat articulation, although her shoulder ball-joint looks a bit strange
    Barriss Offee looks very good too, she's in a arena battle stance too (kinda like Luminara) but she also has a screaming face which doesn't look that good; both jedis have new lightsaber handles and Barriss comes with a new blast effect and Aayla with force-lightning, which is kinda strange
    Lama Su looks ok, and the clone boy looks pretty much like in the movie; not that interesting though in my opinion
    here's the link:
    and for the individual pics:
    Lama Su:
    Aayla Secura:
    Barriss Offee:
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    Lama Su looks great! I like the "pack-in" that he comes with!

    Ayala is amazing... looks like she's got shoulder articulation.

    Barriss... she looks good. Not that excited about it as I would have liked her to be more poseable for stuff like Palpatine's office. Well- at least she looks like she belongs with the current (and probably only) Luminara Unduli.
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    these all look great...though I suppose I'll actually have to buy Taun We now.....

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    I agree with JEDIpartnr, especially his comments about the Barriss figure!

    Do we know if there's going to be a variation on the pack-in clone that comes with Lama Su - so that both colours of headsets might become available?
    Or will Hasbro not bother with that, considering that not every collector will be prepared to buy 2 of the Kaminoan?
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    "Not bad, not bad."-Watto (I think, )

    The Lama Su looks excellent, Aayla looks pretty good too. Barriss looks like she should be an unleashed figure with the title "Pride", .

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    at least the two jedi come with a geonosis arena stand. with all the other jedi having wide poses, i ran out of peg space on my arena. lama su looks cool and has a really cool pack in (made me wish they would have packed boba in with jango). i like the posability on ayala, more jedi like this are needed.
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    Hmmm......Not bad but not good. What's with the poses? I'll have to wait till they're in my hands.

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    Personally, I like the statue figures. Bariss is going to look great standing next to Luminara in the battle arena.

    I didn't like Taun We, so I don't really plan to buy Lama Su, so blah.

    Aalaya is my favorite of the three. I really like her sculpt, and this new thing of stands coming with the figures is awesome. Keep it Up.
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    Aayla's shoulder's look terrible and what's with the force lightning? Of all the new figures coming out, she's in the top 3 that I've been looking forward to. Until now....


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    I like how all 3 of them look. Here's my thoughts...

    Aayla Secura- great looking figure. I love the base. The ball shoulder joints are great.

    Barris Offee- cool looking Jedi! She'll look great with Luminara. But I thought her lightsaber was blue in the Arena?

    Lama Su- sweet! And I love the Clone he comes with. I may have to get like 10 Lama Sus.
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