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    I would like to see all the figures from the original kenner line, like General Madine, Imperial Dignitary, Twin pod cloud car pilot, Ewoks, etc.

    I also would like to see all the Jedi council (the ones that are missing).

    The pod racer pilots and Gardulla the hutt.

    Now if we go to Mos Eisley, we can find a lot of creatures in the cantina like the tonika sisters, Danik Jeriko, etc.

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    Thumbs up I want

    I put up a short list before, but this is more (somewhat) complete:

    1. Return of the Jedi Jabba the Hutt w/ Bubo
    2. Yarna D'al Garga
    3. Imperial Dignitary
    4. Dannik Jeriko
    5. Ak-Rev
    6. Rappurtine
    7. Cloud Car pilot
    8. Trash Compactor monster
    9. Gen. Madine
    10. Gen. Donadona
    11. Chief Chirpa w/ Wokkling
    12. Teebo
    13. Paploo
    14. Romba
    15. Hermi Odle

    17. Weazel (Warrick Davis in Episode I)
    18. ET Senator
    19. Yarua (wookie senator)
    20. Wald / Kitster 2-pack
    21. Amidla (in white) w/ Globe of Peace
    22. Yareal Poof
    23. Even Piell
    24. Oppo Rancisic
    25. Yaddle
    25. Depa Billaba
    26. Hand Maiden (orange/yellow robes)

    27. Ulic-Quel Droma
    28. Kir Kanos
    29. Carnor Jax
    30. Death Trooper
    31. Jacen Solo
    32. Jania Solo
    33. Anakin Solo
    34. Guri
    35. Leebo
    36. Jodo Kast
    37. Nomi Sunrider
    38. Vima Sunrider
    39. Tott Doneeta
    40. Master Vodo Siosk
    41. Lowbacca
    42. Darth Bane
    43. Baron Fel
    44. Winter
    45. Jorus C' Boath
    46. Sharad Hett
    47. A'Sharad Hett
    48. EXar Kun
    49. Yuzzhan Vong Warrior
    50. Admiral Daala
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    Recently, I've had a hankering for Grey coveralled Rebel techs that feul the X-Wings and such.

    And a super Deluxe R2-D2...

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    The trash compact monster, yes! I would love to have on a card but if they have a playset I would still purchase it. That's weird that it hasn't been released yet? I still have the original.


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