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    Star Wars Deluxe Figures - Series 2 (Wants)

    This came up in another of my threads, and I thought I would make a seperate thread to discuss what four figures we would like to see in the next Deluxe assortment. I'd love to hear everyones ideas and opinions on mine.

    #1. "Hermi Odle" We know that he's one of the figures in the next deluxe assortment, based purely on his size. Just like Amanaman, there is no way that he would fit on a standard card. Hopefully he will come with Bubo.

    #2. "Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight" A perfect choice for deluxe treatment, as I said in the other thread. Tons of articulation, Jedi cloak, Blaster, Skull and Thigh Bone, Endor poncho, Removable helmet, Lightsaber w/removable blade, maybe even some snap-on Dark Side force lightning.

    #3 "Darth Vader: Removable Helmet" The POTF figure was great, but in comparison to the new correctly scaled DV's this one is way to short. A new deluxe version with a 3 piece removable helmet would be great. Add in a Saber w/ removable blade, and a removable hand and you come off with one kick butt figure.

    #4 "C-3PO: Ewok Diety" Goldenrod with his cool wooden chair. Toss in a generic Ewok and maybe a bunch of woklings. I was considering suggesting a C-3PO with the oil bath from ANH, but I think this would be a better choice.

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    1. Ephant Man - this ones a given, he has to be in the next assortment. Including Bubo would rock.

    2. Trash Compactor Monter w/ Trash Compactor and garbage

    3. Hermi Odle - another big alien works for me

    4. Yarna D'al Gargan w/ Hoover.

    Nicey nice.
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    The Weequay with the huge gong/drum from the Jabba band would be cool
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    Ewok with Stormtrooper helmet xylophone.

    Han Solo with interrogation chair.

    Luke with Moisture Vaporator.

    Rebel tech with refueling pod (vintage style!)

    Torynn Farr with Echo Base threat board.

    General Dodonna with Yavin Base threat...kiddie pool thingie.

    General Madine with giant holo DeathStar or Endor.

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    George Lucas with big box of tired old ideas........

    I jest

    Tatooine Shyerba beast of burden with stoned Jawa in sitting position. (Both from outside the cantina)

    Hermi Odle with Wol Cabbashhite

    Ak Rev with thunder drum

    Umpass stay with Drumheller harp (the little percussion drum/cymbals) and bantoormian Klesplong (the other percussion drum/cymbals thingy that Ak rev plays)

    Yarna D'al gargan with Rappertunie and water organ/harmonica

    Ewok with Imperial helmet xylophone

    C-3PO with removable lower leg and foot, completely removable legs and arms, arm removable at shoulder, removable head and head with eye hanging out.

    General Dodona with Atari games console... I mean death star read out plans on wall screen.

    Commander Willard with kiddie pool Death star read out/tactical map screen

    Smuggler Lando with correct scale Millenium falcon

    Death star trooper with control room contol console (the one in sections

    Same but with Han in stormtrooper disguise

    Emperor's throne room Turbo lift tube with royal guard in correct scale with one arm under a cloth or very soft vinyl robe

    Emperor palpatine with cloth robe and bendable knees and throne without stupid baseplate that only allows for display not play attached

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    Originally posted by that whelp Jargo
    Smuggler Lando with correct scale Millenium Falcon
    Good god man! This is your idea of a second wave deluxe figure?!?! And I thought Luke and his bacta tank took up a lot of space on the card...

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    Death Star Gunner w/ more articulation and DS Turbolaser.

    Crix Madine with Hole DSII/Endor projector

    C-3PO w/ Escape Pod

    General Reiken w/ Echo Base Control Room Accessories

    Lott Dodd w/ Senate Hover Pod (Although my senate playset still stands)

    2 Ewoks and one correct scale Hang glider

    R2 w/ Ewok and that board they had him strapped to

    Dodonna w/ DS projection screen, complete with retro 70's computer graphics!

    I could go on, but the general ideas for new figs are there, have been there for awhile, and have been stated by everyone.
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    I still stand by my Luke with Moisture Vaporator!

    I could also go for a super-deluxe Jabba the Hutt with throne, froggie things, the draped animal skin thing that he lays on. And all that other good stuff.
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    Corran Horn (with lightsaber!) with Whistler.
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    Thumbs up JEDI!

    Jedi members with their chairs and interlocking floor. AWESOME! And they could have some two packs.
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