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    Lightbulb What figures does everyone want to see next?

    I was just wondering what figures everyone was wanting to be released in 2002 in the POTJ line, excluding Episode 2 figures. I have three main choices.
    1) General Madine - Why have Hasbro never made a resculpt for this? He is one of the coolest characters!
    2) General Dodanna - One of the biggest heros of the Rebel Alliance, why has he NEVER been released?
    3) Deluxe Han Solo with Torture Device Thing (ESB) - This would be brilliant, and particually if you could make it produce sparks or some sort of light.

    What does everyone think of these choices?
    What others can people recommend?
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    I said it yesterday... I'll say it today- HANDMAIDENS!!!!
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    Thumbs up I want

    1. ROTJ Jabba the Hutt
    2. Yarna D'al Gargan
    3. Amidala in white w/ Globe of Peace
    4. Hand Maidens
    5. Trash Compactor Monster
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    those would be cool. Based on Hasbro's latest sculpting efforts, I'd be more into seeing them tackle Dadonna and Madine. Han in torture rack should be w/ a cloth jacket and alsocome withan all-new Carbonite block that is self-enclosing. I'd make it a deluxe fig.

    Ones that I'd dig at this point: Gargan, Hermie Odel, Imperial Dignitary, a super-detail Jedi Luke, Tonnika Sisters, ROTJ Jabba, the other Niktos, all-new Luke & Han in Stormtroopr gear and a twil'lek masseuse!

    just kidding on that last one...she wouldn't make my top 1000 list.

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    For f**k's sake Hasbro get it together

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    Cool Well......

    I would like to see:
    Yarael Poof
    Depa Billaba
    Even Piell
    Oppo Rancisis
    A really good C-3P0, no dirt, no brake-apart, etc
    Jabba ROTJ
    Podracers and their drivers/pilots?
    General Madine
    Moff Jerjerrod
    General Tagge
    Admiral Ozzel (incase he isn't one of the officer variations)
    Captain Needa
    General Riekeen
    EU Characters, good ones, real ones
    Imperial Shuttle
    TIE Defender
    Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge playset
    and many more, but too tired to keep typing.....
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    Jabba the Hutt (over sized!)

    Luke - Jedi

    Jedi Council Members

    Pod racers

    and everybody else I didn't mention!
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    General Madine with his white stick thingie
    Imperial dignitary
    Leia in bespin Gown
    and More Ewoks

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    The rest of the Cantina aliens, all of 'em, even the big Praying Mantis.
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    Talking GIMME!

    I definetly wanna see an ultimate Luke Jedi and ROTJ Jabba. But why do I keep comming across people wanting a good sculpt clean 3P0 (good sculpt, referring to the purchase of the droids one)? That's what 3P0 with coin was, the new sculpt but totally clean and shiney.


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