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    Easy. It was a one-time MTV show called "The Idiot Box," starring the guy from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure who isn't Keannu Reeves (name?). I literally laughed for about 10 minutes straight afterwards, and I felt like my sides would rip open. Only skit I recall was called "[somebody] the Gimp" who tries to fly from the roof of the family that adopted him and his adopted brother dies or is crippled from the fall. Now, it's horrible not funny, but then...
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    I had blocked this one from my memory, but there was this show on MTV perhaps 5 or 6 years ago about strange things that people could do. I can't remember the name of it. Anyway my distant, psychotic ex-girlfriend was on it with Doug E Doug (I think his name was) and some rapping grany. What a horrid half hour of my life, being in MTV studios watching them tape it, that I will never get back.
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    Originally posted by Exhaust Port
    Small Wonder?

    I live for Small Wonder reruns, but they never show them. Ah, for the days when I was a young man and Fox was a young channel, I watched that show religiously because I hated that Jamie kid so bad. And who didn't want to punch Harriet in the face? And what TV exec gave the go-ahead to the idea that a prepubescent Jamie keeps the anatomically correct young female robot in his closet? As much as Jamie tried to manipulate Vicki during the day, I can only imagine what that sick little Billy Corgan look-alike was doing after lights out.

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    Thumbs up i LOVE that Get A Life occured to several of you here :D

    scruffy-z: just saw ce on letterman a coupla weeks ago, a hilarious guest as always but wasn't pluggin any project that i can recall, i think it was just a visit. click on my profile link for more GAL remarx


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