...was Heat Vision & Jack.

Just your typical Astronaut-gets-too-close-to-the-sun-and-develops-superhuman-intelligence-and-has-to-go-on-the-lam-with-his-talking-motorcycle-who-used-to-be-his-unemployed-roommate kind of show.

Jack Black was Jack Austin, a NASA astronaut who, after being bombarded with solar radiation, becomes "8 times smarter than the smartest human" when exposed to sunlight.

THe evil NASA wants to capture him, so they send Ron Silver, former astornaut and sometimes actor (being played by Ron Silver naturally ) to hunt hom down.

Jack is partnered with Heat Vision, a motorcycle who used to be Jack's unemployed roommate Doug. Doug was shot with an experimental ray aimed at Jack that melded him with the motorcycle he was sitting on. Doug/Heat Vision sounds alot like Owen Wilson.

And the whole thing was directed by an Emmy Winning Ben Stiller.

Sound too good to be true? Can't wait to see it? Wondering which channel to tune in to catch this monumental show?

Well, tough luck. FOX never picked this series up in '99 so the only episode is the pilot, where a line cook (played by Vincent Schiavelli) is invaded by an alien calling itself Paragon. Heat Vision and Jack have to stop the evil Paragon, avoid Ron Silver and convince the beautiful local sheriff (played by Mrs. Ben Stiller) not to call NASA and turn Jack in.

And the only way to see it is to get ahold of one of the few bootlegs circulating the back rooms and dark alleys...

"Some of you will be frightened, others aroused. Some of you will be entertained."