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    How do you find


    I recently placed an order from for various action figures, but it's been a good 2 weeks without word.

    My question is if that is normal? There is no tracking system, so I don't even know where it's at right now.

    Also, I would like to know about your personal ordering experience with them. Are they reliable?

    Please leave some feedback, as my fear is leading into anger!


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    i've ordered from toy maniacs numerous times and have had excellent service. one time i ordered the wrong item, and sent them an e-mail. they promptly responded and corrected my error and sent out the correct product.

    and if i remember correctly, they do send UPS tracking notices.

    Toy Maniacs
    P.O. Box 3608
    Alhambra, CA 91803

    Hours: M-F 9am-5pm PST
    Bus: 626.282.6008
    Fax: 626.289.1005 24-hr.

    Questions and Comments:

    Sales and Ordering:

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    Q: How do you find

    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...
    I must not ...

    ... oh, arrggg, uhhh the pain from being a smart a** welling up in my head ...

    A: I find it with my computer.

    Ahhhhhh ... much better. Sorry.


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