i am giving up on the 12 inch line and am putting them up here for trades, i am wanting to trade
Han and Taun Taun,
Luke and Wampa,
Electronic Vader and
Chewwie in Chains.
these figures were removed from their packages for display but i have the packages as well. so if anyone is looking for these,
i am wanting to trade them for some stormtrooper builder sets, Preview Clone troopers loose prefered, republic gunship, nikto jedi loose, sasee tin loose ATOC Version, some lego sets snowspeeder set, xwing set, tie fighter set, skiff set, slave 1 set, these i would like either in box or with box and instructions and not missing pieces or figures. i also have TONS and i mean TONS of comic books i am looking to trade for figures for. i stopped collecting in the late 90s so that's the latest comics that are from my collection, i have some older comics from the 80s, 70s and a few from the 60s so if you are interested please Email me at Bobaboy@concentric.net