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    Finally some of my customs...

    I'm new to the picture and scan thing so I appologize in advance for some of the pictures.

    The first is actually in the thread for Imperial Worker (I can't post a duplicate here). The Imperial worker has a nice blue/black finish that came out better than I thought it would. I know it may be hard to see. The next is a head swapped Tech (yes I head swapped a perfectly good tech). The third is my hommage(sp) to my favorite vintage figure. The last is a head swapped and slightly painted ISB officer.

    Here is my Yarellen(sp) with painted mustach(sp) and fleet trooper hands. Piett and Motti with much nicer (but taller) Motti bodies. Finally Veers using Valorums head. The helmet is hollowd out and fits on nicely.

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    All the Motti bodies gave me extra Motti heads. An ATST Driver head swap with hollowed out helmet and painted on chin strap. A head swapped ATSt Dtriver that I attached a wrist comlink from the Imperial Officer to. The last is using a 21st Century toys German head for. It looks great, but had to superglue in place. There's no chin strap after the still from ROTJ of two ATST Drivers, one didn't have the strap on.

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    My marching bootlegs. They look great on the shelf. The right arm is just repositioned. I did paint the red light on the back to the helmet as well.

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    My jedi. The picture, again, doesn't do justice to the human with Nikto's body, Djas, or Ketwal.

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    Ackbar and the Ewoks are thefirst I ever did, years ago now. I'm shocked they held up so well. The Nikto Skiff guard was an easy head/hand swap. The new Rebel Commando has another 21st century head on but I wasn't thrilled with the outcome, it way be getting swapped again.

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    Some Clone Officers. I like the green, but go back and forth on the blue. Sometimes I think he's too dark, but they do look rather dark in the film. Just have to wait and see what Hasbro does.

    That's it for now. I'll share new ones as their done.


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    Great Job!!
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    Nice job! Could you tell me exactly which yellow you used for the clone commander? I was thinking of doing something similar to my bootlegs too
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    Way cool!!! I love the green Trooper.
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    Lantern Light Yellow, I believe it is testors.


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