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    "Attack of the 50-foot Shrunken Applehead Woman" & other home video oddities...

    I was just wondering if any of you recall an NBC special hosted by Michael J. Fox and Angie Dickinson back around 1983? The name of the programme was "The Homemade Video Special". The show had a hour's worth of videos submitted by people across the United States.

    Two of MY favourites were:
    "Attack of the 50-Foot Shrunken Applehead Woman". It was a series of clips of a granny-type applehead doll "terrorising" people in front of the "Hotel Rest-A-Lot" and on a city block. "I'm a 50-foot shrunken apple head woman... see little people! Outta mah way... I'm-a eat you!" The voice was pretty hilarious as it was an African-American MAN attempting to do a woman's voice.

    "Tammy's X-citing Adventure". Tammy (A man's face bluescreened into a crayon/marker drawn scene) laments her life as her mother was an alcoholic and her father was an accountant. She feels that life would be better elsewhere, so she goes in search of the Brady Bunch. She meets a man who informs her that the "Brady Bunch was cancelled in the Seventies..." A despondent Tammy vows that if she cannot spend spring break in Hawaii with the Brady Bunch, she will "drink poison and die."

    Does anyone else have any broadcast (not blooper) fave home videos that just cracked you up...

    ...I really hope I'm not the only one with this sick of a sense of humour.
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