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    Unhappy 'Harry and the Hendersons' means nothing to me now . . .

    RIP Sasquatch.

    Man Who Claimed 'Bigfoot' Legend Dies

    SEATTLE (AP) - The man who used 16-inch feet-shaped carvings to create tracks that ignited the "Bigfoot" legend has died. He was 84.
    Ray L. Wallace's family admitted his role in the creature myth after his death Nov. 26 from heart failure.
    "The reality is, Bigfoot just died," his son, Michael, said.
    In August 1958, a bulldozer operator who worked for Wallace's construction company in Humboldt County, Calif., found huge footprints circling and then leading away from his rig.
    The Humboldt Times in Eureka, Calif., coined the term "Bigfoot" in a front-page story about the phenomenon.
    Family members said Wallace asked a friend to carve the wooden 16-inch-long feet that he and his brother Wilbur wore to create the tracks.
    The nation fascinated by tales of the Himalayan Abominable Snowman quickly bought into the notion of a homegrown version.
    "The fact is there was no Bigfoot in popular consciousness before 1958. America got its own monster, its own Abominable Snowman, thanks to Ray Wallace," Mark Chorvinsky, editor of Strange magazine, told The Seattle Times.
    Wallace cut a record of supposed Bigfoot sounds, printed posters of a Bigfoot sitting with other animals and provided films and photos that purported to show the creature eating elk and frogs, Chorvinsky said.
    Chorvinsky believes the family's admission raises serious doubts about key "proof" of Bigfoot's existence: the so-called Patterson film, with its grainy images of an erect apelike creature striding away from the camera operated by rodeo rider Roger Patterson in 1967.
    Wallace said he told Patterson where to spot a Bigfoot near Bluff Creek, Calif., Chorvinsky recalled. "Ray told me that the Patterson film was a hoax, and he knew who was in the suit."
    Michael Wallace said his father called the Patterson film "a fake" but claimed he'd had nothing to do with it. But he said his mother admitted she had been photographed in a Bigfoot suit, and that his father "had several people he used in his movies."
    The disclosure is not fazing others who study such creatures.
    Jeff Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, says he has casts of 40 to 50 footprints he believes were made by authentic unknown primates.
    "To suggest all these are explained by simple carved feet strapped to boots just doesn't wash," Meldrum said, noting 19th century accounts of such a creature.
    Chorvinsky says those early reports were mistakes, myths or hoaxes.

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    DAMN YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I don't buy that he was the one responsible for every sighting and track that has ever been found. There is always a bit of truth, even in the most elaborate hoaxes. Just like Jeff Meldrum said, he has some footprints that he believes authentic. And that their have been reports as far back as the 19th Century about Sasquatch. Same as with the crop circles, not all of those vast numbers of reports are hoaxes.

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    "Your Sasquatch is dead, son. Accept it."
    --Cliegg Lars--

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    i can almost bet art bell will be discussing this tonight.

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    What about that kooky grainy home video from the 1970's showing a Sasquatch like figure walking through the woods? I guess that was a hoax too although I remember watching a show and a so called video expert sweared that the sighting was authentic, basing his conclusions on the body movements of the creature, such as his head perfectly alining with his torso as he turned his body.

    Oh well, I guess that leaves the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti.
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    Are there still people who believe in this stuff? Man! We are in the 20th century!

    Chewbacca is the closest think to a real Sasquatch or Yeti that we will ever see.

    And the dianoga is the closest thing to a Loch Ness Monster we will ever see.
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    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    Are there still people who believe in this stuff? Man! We are in the 20th century!

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    Darth Cruel, tell that to the Giant Panda Bear. That were considered a myth until proof was discovered in 1869, a live specimen was not collected until 1936. It's existance was also hard to prove, though there were footprint evidence and blurry photographs. Infact new species are still discovered that were unknown before this point, even today.

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    Tonight Bigfoot sleeps with the Elvis fishes, those handsome aquatic devils with their flashy sunglasses, big sideburns, and snearing gills.

    I'm sorry but it's about time, the bigfoot phenomenon has always felt so contrived to me, weakest of the Weekly World News bunch. While I do have an open mind to the possible non-hoax explanations of some of these mythological creatures and events - for example, my late grandfather was an engineer who worked on a sonar system that discovered a large "something" in Loch Ness, it turned out to be a large grouping of very old, very rare slugs - the bigfoot legend just never felt true on any level other than "hoax" to me; chalk it up with crop circles and that footage of the UFO with the string coming out the top.
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