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    Question Padmé Amidala: Tatooine Outfit #20

    Well, now that Hasbro has confirmed that we're getting a Padmé Tatooine Outfit, I figured we should see which outfit is preferred by the people that post here. Padme wears 3 outfits on Tatooine, 1 of which is her Geonosis Jumpsuit. So that leaves us with 2 outfits since the Jumpsuit is one of the first figures of 2003.

    I have attached an image of both outfits. Also Note that the cape that she wears when Anakin goes to see Watto is not a seperate outfit. If you look at the attached picture, you can see that she is wearing the belly dress beneath it. So that really gives Hasbro three options. So which do you want?

    1. Belly Outfit with Cloak: I really like the cloak, but I fear that a removable soft goods cloak won't be considered. This would be the best option though, since that kills two birds with one stone as far as Padmé's E2 outfits go.

    2. Belly Outfit: I like the look of the outfit. Nice and simple and less flashy then most of her gowns. It seems a little bland though, so Hasbro's best option would be to go with the outfit with the vibrant cloak done in soft goods.

    3. Blue Native Outfit: I really like the look of this outfit. It's one of my favorite of Padmé's E2 outfits because it shows her beauty without being elaborate. The poncho peice could be soft goods, to allow it to be removable.

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    Im thinking option 3 is in the cards more so than the other two as it can be done all in plastic. I hope it's a collection 2 type figure with the attention to detail as good as Palpatines. Then Ill finally be impressed with a figure of Padme.

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    JJreason, I should have mentioned it in my post but Padmé: Tatooine will be a collection 2 figure. So whichever outfit Hasbro chooses should look excellent. I myself am also hoping for #3, because I think that #1 should be done in soft goods with a soft goods Ani, both packed with the Rickshaw Speeder.

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    I like the pretty white one in the middle.

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    I like all of them but it would be nice to get a Padmé in the blue outfit with as much attention to detail as Palpatine, like jjreason said.

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    I would also have to agree, I think that not only is #3 more likely, I like it better as well.
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    #3 has to be my preference, although the outfit she wore when she looks like Leia has to be a close second
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    Smile Hmm...

    Knowning hasbro they might make #2 simple and easy like the first 2 padme that came out this year. I wonder does that mean we will be getting 3 Padmes next year? some how i think this new one is replacing the wedding gown? i mean wasnt the wedding one suppose to come out next after the Driod Factory escape? but either way is great to see hasbro is making more Padme figures... now if only we will get the last few we need from Ep1!

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    I think that we might see three of them next year, and that's cool from my point of view. The wedding one was rumored, and did appear on lists. So there is always a chance that Hasbro pushed it back or they decided to not do it yet.

    I think they should really go all out for wedding gown padme. Do it in a Screen Scene with Anakin, and maybe throw in the Naboo Holy Man as the 3rd figure. That's the sort of things we should see in the Screen Scenes, IMHO.

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    I like #3 a lot, but I actually prefer #2, it just looks a bit better IMO, and the added soft goods cloak (#1) would of course be a plus
    now the other question, what accessories could you pack her with?
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