This is a creative process thread. The objective is to come up with a brand new 7 member ensemble cast, one character at a time. Star Trek has always been a great expose on multi-ethnic, multi-gender, even multi-species casting. We want to use casting characteristics never seen on Star Trek before, so I made a list of all the never-seen-before variations on gender, ethnicity, and extra-terrestrial origin for each role.
Let's start with the Captain. And we're ONLY discussing the Captain, though I hope this thread will go on to choose the rest of the crew as it evolves with the characters we pick for the other stations.

So for Captain of the new Star Trek series, we have had 4 men and 1 woman in the past. We've never had an alien. That leaves us with these choices:


Alien Female
Alien Male

Hispanic Female
Hispanic Male
black Female
Asian Female
Asian Male

Keep in mind that this is the show's lead character.

I kept it in mind that we'd have had an all-Klingon show by now, if they appealed to just the OLD fans. But to real in new viewers, they've always starred attractive humans in the leading roles.

That being said, I am supporting a woman captain again, and in "test crews" I've listed, those with

a black female captain (mid-thirties to lowest 40's)


an Asian female captain (mid-thirties to lowest 40's)

would seem to be the most different, viable, and never-seen-before.

For some reason I pictured someone like news reporter Connie Chung as an appropriate image for an Asian female captain.

Someone like Alfre Woodard (from First Contact) might be a great black female Captain.

What do you think?

I forgot: let's only discuss the Captain for right now, and let's not use old Star Trek characters (like giving Sulu his ship, etc.)

We don't know what time frame our new Star Trek will take place in, so Sulu might not've been born, and Riker could have died of old age.

So what kind of character do you want for Captain?