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    I thought Watto couldnt fly because of old age i heard
    but yes his hat looks pretty funky
    cant wait I have the Trailer recorded 3 times from 3 different shows from MTV,Access hollywood and Extra! and hoping to get it again on Entertainment Tonight
    yeesh I think i am such a geek but oh well

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    Fulit, haven't you heard ... Watto is a doughboy during the Clone Wars fighting among the trenches on the planets Verdun and Somme.

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    My wife made a funny comment about Watto's new outfit the first time she viewed the trailer. She goes, "When the hell did Watto start accessorizing"?
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    Originally posted by Magnolia-Fan



    I do not have quicktime Pro, and I have not had any problem watching the large version of the trailer.

    You might not be able to download it from without buying quicktime pro, but you dont need quicktime pro to view the trailer.

    As for the full-screen you mean I could watch it in pan-and-scan or do you mean I could watch it the same size I'm watching it now?
    This is what I was trying to say.

    THe full scren thing means it puts black bars on the top and bottom. The full screen thing doesn't turn it into the pan and scan version.

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    I was wondering why anybody would WANT to watch it in pan-and-scan.
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    I tried to download the middle sized version knowing i had QT% installed but got directed to a download page at Apple wich wanted me to download it again. Then I just opened up QT and used the update feature to get the neccesary codecs for viewing the large version. Find the link in in about a million different forums and just try 'em all until one works... like it did tonight. Took about an hour over a 56k connection but it's way cool! I still think the clonetroopers look dumb but the views of Geonosis and the new Naboo spaceport wer awesome. Love seeing Dooku enter the room where Obi is suspended in the air. Love Watto's fishing jacket but it's a shame about the hat/dish/dog bowl. Yoda looks wicked! Like someone really put a lot of thought into subtley aging the little frog just enough to get him started on the road to wrinkly frog in ESB. Nice frown he shoots mace too
    Can't wait for the next trailer after the one I can't get from the DVD site I heard that the third trailer is just all mushy love story stuff though so maybe I'll hold fire on downloading it until I hear what others have to say about it.


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