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    Exclamation Teaser trailer on

    So why are you still here reading this for? Go! Go! Go!

    note: you must be a registered member to download it.
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    Well, I TRIED to download it, but the silly computer said I needed Quicktime 5.0 so I tried downloading that and installing it, but about halfway thru, the power in my apartment flickered and shut off my computer (quietly sobbing) I'll just wait til E! shows it on the news tonight.
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    man, that had to suck...i'm at school now so i'll download it when i get home...

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    %$&*! I hate *&^%ing Quicktime, I hate it so bad! They won't even let me download it, "Error, site not responding". I hate Apple I hate Quicktime %^* it to &^$ing &^&*!
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    I really SHOULD be working, but I have watched the damn thing every ten minutes for the last 3 hours!

    I'm a freak... glad I saw it on the big screen, too!
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    The site has some major traffic right now im guessing. It took me like 20 minutes to register, and im running on broadband cable modem.

    Anyway, It sucks you need Quicktime Pro to watch the large version. Im not going to pay $30 for crappy quicktime!
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    Well, I had no real time issues with downloading the trailer, but did anyone else have a problems with the sound? I had no playing sound with my trailer at all! Have to wait and try it again! Just wondering if you guys had the same experience?!

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    I got the biggest version of the trailer and I don't have Quicktime pro.

    Quicktime pro lets you watch it in fullscren format. I don't care if the black is on the top and bottom when it goes into full screen as long as I have the biggest version of the trailer.

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    I do not have quicktime Pro, and I have not had any problem watching the large version of the trailer.

    You might not be able to download it from without buying quicktime pro, but you dont need quicktime pro to view the trailer.

    As for the full-screen you mean I could watch it in pan-and-scan or do you mean I could watch it the same size I'm watching it now?
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    Finally got to see it after watching a half hour of Emmy crap on E News Daily. It was cool, but what the hell is up with Watto's new fashion? He looks like a Toydarian WW1 soldier.
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