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    Had to open Ephant Mon

    I know this guy is hard to find and I probably should have kept him in his package for value but he just sat there and looked at me and said "Open Open". I have to say he looks so much better open then in the package. This is one awsome figure and looks great in my Jabba the Hut display with all the aliens. Hopefully someday I will find a second to buy to display with my packaged figures but I do recommend to everyone to open this figure. The guilt goes by quickly once you see the detail. It is amazing. My vote for best figure ever by hasbro.
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    Re: Had to open Ephant Mon

    Originally posted by DarthWitko
    I have to say he looks so much better open then in the package.
    Didn't you know that Hasbro uses special "ugly-filterized" plastic to make the bubbles?

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    Great!! He is free!!
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    He's not going to be worth much of anything, in the long run. So better that you open him anyway. With so many carded collectors, and people buying with hopes of being able to sell them later and put their kids thru collage, no modern figures will ever be worth vintage type prices.

    So no need to feel guilty at all. You freed a toy from a plastic prison, what was meant to happen. Rejoice in your deed. Toys can't really be admired and enjoyed fully, thru the plastic bubble that they are encased in. Now you should open more, enjoy your toys. After all, that's what they were made for.

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    I am starting to see that. I am starting to become more of an opener. The only ones I really like to keep in the case are the rare ones like the Bloody Hand luke and the 25th anversary R2. But anything else is fair game for opening. I am enjoying creating scenes for my 3 3/4" figures. I think is such a better way to display them then hanging the cards on the wall.
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    i don't believed you opened it! i mean ya there might no value found in him in the long run, but you can't tell that now! i would think it would be ok to open him up later once you got another one, but i would agree with you that it does look very cool
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    Open open open everything. To keep them carded is so sad and antiseptic. One of the best nights of my life was the "revelation" that everything had to be opened - it took me about 5 hours to crack them all (complete run through Flashback, all cracked on one night, with numerous vehicles as well!) and I was exhausted at the end, but we all slept so much happier!

    Ephant Mon is really sweet loose, though he does cut an imposing swath through a group of carded figures. Either way, he's a sure fire hit. Size DOES matter!

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    I wish I could find one so I COULD open it!

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    Right on DarthWitko! I've been an opener for about 3 years now and I enjoy a whole new side of Star Wars collecting.
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    *in evil vioce* Yes, all of you open you figs. Everone open them . . . all of them!!! . . . . . . .Me??? Uh . . . . Well . . . . I think I'm gonna leave mine carded . . . . . . . . for no particular reason . . . . . . Really!

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    There have been sooooo many debates on this subject. I say good for you! Do what makes you feel right. For the longest time I was a Carded Only collector . . . . . Now I'm a Carded/Loose collector. I keep most carded still . . . . not for value, but I like the way everything looks hanginf up on my walls, in perfect order. But I usually buy a second of ones I deem "Really cool and need opened!". These are placed in a 7'x3'x2' display case I have. Mainly cause these things are a bugger to dust!!.

    So I say do what makes you happy and to heck with everyone else. Besides, its your collection, not theirs
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