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    Arrow i was just wondering if anyone (meaning you jt) has heard anymore about this

    hasbro's plan to bring back micromachines/action fleet

    it's been soooo long since this was announced this past summer, and other than that.....nothing

    no leaks or rumours? any news at all?

    why did hasbro buy galoob in the 1st place?


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    Hasbro is greedy scaredy cats. C'mon, what's the easiest thing to do to produce the best priced best quality of toys against comepetitors? Buy as many of the competing businesses as possible.
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    Man, I can't believe it's been this long...

    I haven't heard anything more, but since we're waiting on Ep 2 products over this, I'm not terribly surprised. However, I'm hoping something is heard soon and I'll keep my sonar active.
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