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    NO, How could they? (spoilers for UK members)

    No, not again, I'm not going to go into one. Just wanted your attention.

    We've been going through the mill a bit at home over the past 3 weeks - not that I want to populate the board with my laundry, suffice it to say by this weekend, I was ready for either a holiday or a Section Order. Being such an affable and equally anoraky chap, my brother surprised me by bringing down all the videos of Season 7 of DS9. I spent the weekend in a War fest and have felt a little sad that it's all over, really.

    What is a shame is that Damar died and the last Weyoun too . That evil hag should've carked it and so should Odo. What a fantastic end to the DS9 franch' I really am glad I stopped watching it on TV when I missed one of the episodes shortly before the Breen alliance - it was well worth it, esp the joy of hours of non-stop monging in front of the TV.

    I was inconsolable when the Defiant was smashed up, overjoyed when another Defiant class ship was given, distraught with the name of San Paulo and then overjoyed again when they were allowed to rename it.

    About Odo, tho', I thought the drama would've been better -and more in-keeping with DS9's characteristically darker currents - if he had not survived. I do like him, but it all seemed a bit ...... nicey nice.

    Honourable mention also goes to Martok for booting that eggheaded boor in the heave-** and especial mention to Kai Winn - the most hysteric bad guy - her lines were written for (or by) Bette Davis. Also a humourous counterpoint, one of my faves, Garak, was made a funny double act with his aunt/old cardassian/Jira figure.

    Gul Dukat was emasculated in the role he played but it was nice to see him get wraithy at the end. The Feregi plot line saw Quark yelling up at Brunt in scenes that, for the first time IMO, forged any realism for the Ferengi.

    And the space battles ........


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    Hey Jeddah

    Did those GV MM's arrive in Swafmans package (if you have already told me then I have forgotten)?



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    Yeah, in the S-WOW-ffy thread I said there were some dumpy 'things' .

    I've not sent them; no reason why as you're not included on the big stateside package, so sorry.

    These (other stuff for VT, Baal etc) are either going to have to be divided up into 2kg packages and shipped seperate or cost about 30.00 economy surface by Parcelforce.

    I'm just waiting to hear from Panicbusters in Southampton re cheaper shipping.


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    Talking and I'll wait to hear from You re shipping options :)

    have i mentioned i want my repcruiser here by december?
    so i assume you now understand why "legate damar" was one of the names i adopted during my galooBB incursions? "FOR CARDASSIAAA!!!"
    no time to talk now- fall afternoon beckons, and my mm fleet is needed somewhere

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    Well, I should think your stuff should be under a coupla kilos if you'd like, I can send yours seperately.

    Poor Damar, he went from one of my worsts to one of my faves. I love redemptive stories; the one part of Organised Religion I can't shake out of my being

    BTW, that goes for anyone who wants stuff sent piecemeal.


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    BC3 waits with baited breath to update his GV page - already bagged set 9 (see attachment - not added to page yet), waiting for copter to complete set 8.


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    as much as i want those epics now!

    Originally posted by jeddah

    BTW, that goes for anyone who wants stuff sent piecemeal.

    i of course will defer to my good karma side, and remain in patient anticipation!

    np: giggles - good things come to those who wait

    0 /// /// F=MA~~~~~~~~~~~~
    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Question jdah: "(damar) went from one of my worsts to one of my faves"

    . . .funny; that sounds how you & i first got to know each other
    "i call on trek mm collectors everywhere to Resist. . . resist today. . . resist tomorrow. . . resist, until every last hasbro meddler has been driven from galoob soil" (sorry, just havin a flashback
    ok, if stuff comin my way is over 2 kilos, lmk & i'll advise you how to prioritize shipping nothin over 2 kilos? geez, is this the same country that rallied 'round churchill's richard-burtonesque monologs? whatever happened to that stiff-upper-can-do spirit?? here's my impression of jdah's local postman: "blooody 'ell jeddah, doncha know oi cain't moyl This? it's 2 point one bleeedin kilos! BLOIMEY!"
    bc3, that khaki xt-4a looks Great i have a green-camo military version of it i traded offa b'jr, i wonder if i'd prefer the gv9 paintscheme (hint hint: plz give us shots of it from add'l angles )
    np: elo, "shine a little love"

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    As soon as the copter arrives from Jeddah, I will be re-photographing all my GV's to break them up into each particular set (as opposed to the rather random way they are currently displayed on my site).

    Just finished a custom GV - the pic doesnt do it justice - it looks cool.

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    So, my postman's Dick Van Dyke?

    It's not the postmen that are to blame, it's the country and crown - and my schedule, I must admit. Bearing in mind the recent attacks on the West, I'd better keep phrases like that out of my posts - I especially don't want any investigations from Menwith Hill...

    Sorry about the GVOYS britC, I'm on it

    VT, any more comments on DS9? After these years, we can actually talk about it



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