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    Frozen in battle stance...

    I know that we are really gonna be split on this, but I thought I'd open up the proverbial can of worms.

    While I think the new Eeth Koth is great looking, so don't get me wrong there... however- I only have one gripe. We have all been complaining about the lack of articulation in the figures which doesn't allow us put the figures in "action poses". I can't even begin to tell you how equally annoyed I am when a figure is locked into "action position". There were the gripes about "one pose Jar-Jar" and it's true. What a total waste. I would love to have a true action figure that can be placed in active and passive stances.

    I just can't see having this Eeth Koth figure as part of a Jedi Council diorama or sitting in a starship. This limits playability as well as the "stiff as boards" poses.

    I'll LOVE seeing where this Thread goes... that is if anyone finds it interesting enough to comment on.
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