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Thread: New Shuttle pic

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    New Shuttle pic

    Galactic Hunter has just posted a new pic of the FAO Shuttle exclusive in all its glory, new paint deco is dirty, there are more darker grey pieces and the cockpit canopy is indeed tinted black. A stunning looking vehicle if I say so myself. By the looks of the pic I'm glad I ordered one, expensive as it is. Hopefully more better quality pics will show up soon when they start hitting the grey market.

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    Not bad, but still not enough to justify it's out-of-the-nose price. Glad they didn't leave it all white though.
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    Amazing looking, but I'll stand by my decision to protest this vehicle's marketing scheme by not buying one.

    For now. It looks really great, though. Super job.

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    I wish I would have ordered one!

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    My oppinions stand with jjreason and LTBasker. It's waaayyy to $$$ and hard to get for that matter. The Imperial Shuttle is a great vehicle and every Collector as well as every kid thats into Star Wars should have an equal chance to get it.

    But they won't with this vehicle.
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    can't you still order one?

    I'm sure it isn't sold out yet. This is the best looking SW collectible I have seen in my whole life. I really hope it comes in a window box. I'll go to NYC to pick it up in person. (I need an excuse to go there!)

    Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!

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    Nice looking vehicle...nice to see that the cockpit viewport is tinted...but the turrets on the wings are upside down. They are supposed to fold up when the ship is docked...not sticking straight out like the picture reveals...hopefully this is only a mock-up or a prototype of the actual ship and not the final version of the ship.

    Either's a nice looking ship and someday I will get one.
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    It looks a lot better than the vintage version, but I cannot justify the price tag on this one... at least not for MY income level.
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    I didn't order one online, but it looks damn good. If I run into it in Boston, I don't think I could help myself.
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    While the "dirty look" has always been the most interesting part of the OT films and toys, is it really necessary on the Shuttle? I know that many of the video games have pitted these things in battle, but even so, the ship was conceived with a certain "graceful" quality in mind. Now I suppose you could go shoot Womprats through Beggar's Canyon with this thing, but how else would you manage to get one dirty?

    Nope. Still not worth the huge price tag. It's only the biggest ship they've made because it has a tall, thin piece of plastic sticking up over the rest of the thing. The Gunship has more "weight" to it and the Falcon is still the most versatile ship/playset they've made.

    It's still a $40 ship anyway you slice it.


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