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Thread: Toy Fair Vader

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    Toy Fair Vader

    This has been the most irritating toy of all of the SW line. I thought it was a Toy Fair exclusive, then I thought they had sold all of them at the Fan Club! Now I hear that they are being offered in France? For the 150+ pricetag that they are selling online for, I might as well get a ticket to France, buy a french dictionary and find this place to get one.

    Let's make figures just a little harder to get ahold off Hasbro!

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    It was still easier to get than the US version Freeze Frame Weequay...and that was part of the regular line.
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    Does this place in France have an online store? How much are they going for?

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    Maybe I should give some infos.

    The ToyFair Vader will be offered in several Toystores like Toys'R'Us or "La Grande Récré". You just have to buy a Slave One and clame your figure.
    The Jorg Sacul figure is beeing offered for a buying of €30 (equal to $30) of Hasbro SW stuff. This promo exists in the Toys'R'Us "Parinor" and "Les Quatre Temps" in Paris.
    Another offer : The R2-D2 silver anniversary will be offered for a purchase in a few "La Grande Récré" stores for a purchase of SW items (no amount yet).

    Cool deals.
    I also want to say these figures are not rare at all : 70000 ex/prod for the R2 "chrome", 25000/30000 for the Sacul and more than 17000 ex/prod for the Vader...
    And for business reasons, this have not been revealed but it seems Hasbro has made more figures than they previously said. Same thing for the Imperial Shuttle. We will have it in stores in Europe too.

    For comparison, the German 2001 "Jedi-Con" C-3PO had a very low production : only 2000 units worldwide were made.
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    Sooooo, do they have a website where I could order the Slave I, and thus receive the Vader? Or is there anyone in France willing to help out a fellow collector stateside who's down on his luck? Please!?

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    Hopefully they'll show up a little more on ebay and force the price lower. I just wonder though, is it the same datestamp and such or is it different, and tri-logo?
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    I went to the La grande website and couldn't find anything Star Wars related. Granted I don't speak French, I could decipher most of the headers...and no such luck....

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    I don't know about the US FF Weequay being easier to find. I bought my Weequay for $300+ and I bought my TF Vader for only $14.99. Big difference.
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    Turbowars, I am a fellow collector in the S.F. Valley and leads on me purchasing one for anything remotely close to what you paid for yours?
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    It is nice to hear that these figures will be a little more available than they were before.
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