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    Washington State -- Seattle/Tacoma

    Looks like the Puyallup/South Hill Wal-Mart has just put out the Clone Pilot wave of figures as of this morning. No Ephant Mon or Jedi Counsel Yoda yet, but everthing else seems to be there. Including the Christmas C-3P0 and R2-D2 and the newest 12" figures.

    I plan on stopping by the Federal Way Target and Wal-Mart today to see what they've restocked on.

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    TRU and Wal-Mart

    Here's a few more finds in the past couple of days:

    Federal Way: TRU had the new wave of Counsel Chair Yoda and Detroyer Droid in stock. An employee told me he had seen Ephant Mon at the Target across the parking lot, but when I checked there were no single carded figures on the shelves. Pleanty of all 4 Target exclusive accessory packs though. And at least 6 Arena playsets.

    Puyallup: Both Target and Wal-Mart's shelves were looking bare again. Walmart did get in the 2 new MM Snowspeeder and AT-AT. No Trash Compactor scenes nor any more Christmas R2-D2 and C-3PO's yet.

    Spanaway: Wal-Mart had the best sign of getting in those elusive Trash Compactor scenes. There was signage on the shelves stating where they were to be placed, but the shelf was empty. They did still have a few of the Cantina Wal-Mart exclusive figures in from the first set.

    I hope someone finds the above info useful...

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    The Target in Federal Way now has the Arena Playset for $19.44. And those micro playsets that are on the same blue cards as the regular figures are on clearance for $2.99. Across the parking lot at Toys R Us had the new Destroyer Droid and Yoda wave in. They will also price match with Target (which is what I did for the Arena Playset) but you may have to be insistent with the employees that Target does indeed have the playsets for such a low price.
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    Well, I hope that someone is reading this and finding the info useful...

    Wal-Mart -- Puyallup: The new Trash Compactor sets are now it. There were a total of 3 sets this morning (at least until I bought one) but no Tie-Bombers or Ephant Mon yet. Also, keep an eye out for the bird flying loose in the store.

    TRU -- Federal Way: Has the new clean Endor Rebel Soldier in stock, but no Ephant Mon. Man, I can't wait to see Fan's Choice #3 in person.

    Target -- Anywhere: Don't waste your time. They have nothing except tons of the exclusive assessory packs and plastic Light Sabers.

    Please post if anyone finds this info useful.
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    Puyallup/South Hill

    On Tuesday the TIE Bombers hit Wal-Mart at $28.95. There was still a few left yesterday.

    No new figs anywhere yet.

    Last week in Renton/Fed Way area the new 12" hit Targets so keep a close eye out (although I heard that they were terrible sculpts)
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    Glad to see another Star Wars collector in the South Hill area. Since I live only 5 minutes from the Wal-Mart on Meridian I try to check in on them twice a week. Didn't see any Tie Bombers when I was there picking up the Trash Compactor scenes, but I did find the last one at the Fed Way store.

    Every so often I check the Wal-Marts in Auburn and Spanaway, but they don't seem to have much yet.

    I've been disappointed with the stock at the TRU as the South Hill mall as well.

    Have you seen any Ackley's (sp?) beasts around lately?

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    Hey Dr. Zoltar,

    I know of 4 or 5 huge Star Wars Collectors on South Hill alone. In which all of them (including myself) are completist of 3 3/4 and most 12".

    I haven't seen an Acklay since the last time WalMart had them. I want to say that was around late summer.

    You might have to try a speciality shop like

    in Spanaway.

    Lynne's pretty great and she will take your name down if she doesnt have it and keep an eye out for you.
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    Cool. I've been to Toy Stable once and was blown away. It's a great little place that not a lot of people know about. I saw an exclusive figure there in August and if it's still in stock was going to pick it up sometime in the next 2 months. Had to save my pennies since it had a somewhat hefty price tag.

    Is there anything you want me to keep an eye out for you? I work in Fed Way and sometimes visit the Wal-Mart, TRU, Target center on my lunch break in hopes of finding something.
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    yeah Lynne has a great place! I managed to pick up a couple of Jorg Saculs at Celebration in May. Cool fig though.

    I'm up to date right now as far as the 3 3/4 line goes. But once the new figs and new speeders and deluxe figs start hitting. I'll be in touch.
    Even though Leia was my first love, Padme is waaaaayyyy hotter!

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    OK, well I'm going to take this opportunity to be a braggart. I went to the Target at South Hill mall and found a Republic Gunship for $9.87! Someone had stashed it over on the Lego aisle -- I'm not sure if it was an attempt to hide it as it was pretty big next to the Lego boxes it was laying against. It didn't have a clearance tag, but the aisle scanner confirmed it was under $10. I'm glad I waited. Now I have the "set" -- The Arena playset and gunship for a total of just under $30!
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