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    Sounds like you have had some luck in your hunting.

    Last Friday - I scored Rebel Fleet Soldier from Walmart Fed Way and Tusken from Target Fed Way.

    A buddy picked up Padme, Eeth Koth, Teebo for me from Lakewood Target on Sunday.

    So far I am just missing Imp Officer, Library Droids and Rebe Fleet Trooper with Red Hair.

    Also yesterday the Sandtrooper Troop Builder set was available from Entertainment Earth but sold out by 5 pm.
    Even though Leia was my first love, Padme is waaaaayyyy hotter!

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    Yeah, Spanaway Wal-Mart was real good to me this morning. I think I got almost half of the new figs that are out. I'm not too worried as Target and TRU are usually a week behind Wal-Mart with putting out new stuff. I'll do a quick run by the TRU by South Hill mall tonight.

    I didn't realize there was going to be 2 versions of the Rebel Trooper along with the Imperial Officer. I better double check the one I have.

    It's nice to know that the troop builder set sold so quickly. I'm not a builder myself so I couldn't justify the price. I also am pretty confident that Hasbro will make more as it is a builder set and people want to order in fairly large quantities. I did grab the Storm Trooper set when WOTC was clearancing them for $6 last year.
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    Well it's been a few months since I've added to this but...

    The Imp. 4 Pack at TRU was just spotted in Lynnwood and Puyallup. If anyone needs one, please PM me and I can see if we can work out a trade.

    I still haven't seen anything from the SC Anakin, Hoth Han, new Boba Fett, etc. wave at any store. The good news is that every Target I've been in has cleared the pegs of all single SW figs. I'm very much hoping that some more of the new stuff shows up soon.
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    Just found at Target this week:

    Yoda and Chian
    Lama Su
    Aayla Secura
    Blonde Imperial Officer
    Red Battle Droid

    A small local collectors shop has most of the new figures in stock, but they want $15 a piece for them.
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    OK here's my update - I know its been awhile...

    The deluxe Spider Droid and Super Battle Droid builder have been showing up at local Fred Meyers and Shop Co.

    No sign of the Deluxe OBi or Jangos yet.

    Tacoma Toys R Us on last Friday received the Clone Wars Army builder sets. I picked up the Battle Droid Launcher and Droid Army but missed the Clone Trooper 3 -pack.

    KBs continues to have the 12" Gammorean Guard.

    No new carded figs yet locally. Waiting for Throne Room Vader and Luke wave.
    Even though Leia was my first love, Padme is waaaaayyyy hotter!

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    Thanks hukilu! Your updates do help.

    Just yesterday I too found the Clone Wars Battle Droid Launcher and the Droid Army 3 pack at the TRU in Federal Way. They were the last two on the shelves so someone else must have grabbed the Clone Troopers. The TRU in Puyallup has spots for these, but they are empty as of yesterday. I asked an employee who said they haven't come in yet.

    The Fred Meyers in Puyallup was completely dry of new stuff. Nothing new for the past 6 months. I'll check others for the Super Battle Droid Builder and Spider Droid.

    I as well have not seen the Deluxe Obi or Jango yet anywhere. And I've been seeing some of the single new figs here and there. I've passed on most since I've ordered full waves at EE. I'm still looking for a Secret Ceremony Anakin though.

    And if anyone in Seattle needs the new TRU Imperial 4 pack, the TRU in Lynnwood had a bunch. It seems they got them all, and the other TRU's only got a few that sold rather quickly. I've also seen posts where people say they will wait until these go on clearance because they aren't too fond of the $20 price tag. In my experience, anything that is a TRU exclusive never goes on clearance. I tried that with the new X-Wing and missed my chance to pick one up.
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    Just found the Clone Army 3 pack. There was only one at the Puyallup TRU and the clones were all white with no rank markings. I wonder if all of these shipping now are white with the rank colorings coming in the next wave.
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    Some more updates

    Target -- Saw some of the newer figs (vader, colman, etc.) but the pacakging was in bad shape. Jedi Starfighter now on clearance for $15 -- I'm convinced this will go down to $10 soon. Some Star Wars legos were on clearance -- the Jabba sets except the one with Boba Fett.

    TRU -- Nothing new except the Imperial 4 pack and the new mini lego sets. The Clone Wars multi-packs have shown up but are gone within 48 hours.

    Wal-Mart -- Some new figs (repacked Leia, Han, C-3PO) but also in banged up shape. Some of the cards were bent 45 degrees.

    Fred-Meyers -- Nothing except old Padme. Hukilu, are you sure you saw the new deluxe packs here?

    No sign of the Speeders, Secret Ceremony Anakin, or the new cinema scenes yet. Target's toy isles have been very slim lately for all toys. I' wonder what's going on there?
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    Had my first run in with scalpers today at the Federal Way Target. I decided to stop by before work to try and find the new scene packs. As soon as the store opened I saw to middle aged guys hi-tail it to the toy section. Once there, they split up -- one to Star Wars and the other to Hot Wheels. Target hadn't put anything new out, so we all left empty handed. But it was odd to see these guys. One looked in his 40's and the other in his 50's. The younger guy looked like he just rolled out of bed, threw on some dirty jeans, a ball cap, and cowboy boots, and camped outside of Target until they opened.

    If they had grabbed all the new Star Wars stuff I was going to confront them, but it never came up. I think me being a spry 31 years old could have taken them on.
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    New mini-legos, Wave 11 figs, and the new cinema scenes spotted at the Puyallup Target. All the old figs (including the clearance Target exclusives) have been removed.

    At the TRU across the parking lot there were the new Clone Gunships but that's all.
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