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    Just another update for anyone that's interested.

    TRU -- New Bounty Hunter 4 pack has been spotted. There were 2 at the TRU in Tacoma as of Friday. All other TRU's I checked didn't have a single one. Also had new Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter and Gunship in. No new clone wars 3 packs yet.

    Wal-Mart -- Don't know as I rarely check for new figs there anymore.

    Target -- Both new ships and some new figs from Wave 11. Picked up the corrected ROTJ Luke. Also saw 1 clone wars droid 3 pack so these cases are starting to appear as well.

    Fred Meyers -- Found a lone blue trooper clone wars 3 pack. I have no idea how this even made it into the store as there wasn't even a spot on the pegs for it. It was laying on it's back on the shelf and rung up as a saga deluxe fig.
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    Between the Puyallup and Federal Way Targets I found the new Waitress Droid wave (Wave 14). Most were gone from the store in Puyallup, but pleanty were still available in Federal Way. No new Clone Wars stuff though.

    The best part was that I found a variant/error Faytonni! There are clearly 2 different guns in his packaging -- one shorter than the other. I'll take some digital scans tonight for posting.
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    The Federal Way TRU has an abundance of the new Screen Sceens (both are 1 of 2) and the Bounty Hunter 4 pack. This were just put out over the weekend. No sign at all of the Clone Wars single figures yet.

    Walmart had garbage. 6 old, old, old figs -- that was it. A sad vacant spot on the shelves crowded out by overflowing Spiderman and Hulk stuff.
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    New Finds

    Recent finds:

    Puyallup Target: New Clone Wars singles and both "2 of 2" Cinema Scene packs.

    Puyallup Wal-Mart: Secret Ceremony Anakin wave of figs.

    Puyallup K-Mart: Some figs from the Flying R2 wave.

    Fed Way Target: New Clone Wars single figs.

    Fed Way Wal-Mart: New Bonus Pack Clone Wars figures (look for them near the Hot Wheels).
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